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    trent from punchy this is funny as shit
  2. CA18DET 1200 Coupe (lots of photos)

    awesome power there mate, thats pretty much what i'm looking for but my cams may make a slight difference. gotta be happy with that
  3. CA18DET 1200 Coupe (lots of photos)

    looking good mate keep up the good work. interested to see what power you make aswell.
  4. gb122 - 1200 ute + ca18det

    haven't been on here in a while time for an update. the new roof is on and practically finished (would not recommend anyone take this on). engine bay is prepped and in undercoat. and i'm well into the engine build. also the trans tunnel is done but it took way to long and i would suggest buying the maddat one. trans tunnel almost there tunnel done donor roof off roof cut off the ute (looks scary now!) engine bay few bits and peices for the ca block bored + decked and cleaned up cleaned up the mani roof is sitting in place here and thats about where im at for now, engine should be going to gether very soon. and once the roof is totally finished i'll start on a few other things like fuel system and new brake lines etc.
  5. gb122 - 1200 ute + ca18det

    hey andrew the mph for that run was 95 and i got a 1.8 60ft. the tyres are 205/60/13 toyo proxes. haven't done much work on it for a while i was having a break over christmas but i'll be getting back into it very soon
  6. Welcome to the Darkside

    jesus derrick your more complicated than a woman
  7. What have you been done for..

    that should carry a 9 month jail term. i hear they like those kinda blokes in jail
  8. danet elf's ???

    if thats not an inviation to put one up on your behalf i dont know what is
  9. Monday Night Meets.

    1200 represent
  10. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    thats gotta be one of the best things about owning a quick datto. have fun with it mate
  11. i think some more awards are in order, best random pickup of a taxi, loudest drunk, most awesome use of a corona carton and most understanding (of dattos) wife.
  12. had an awesome night! anyone else do an all nighter?
  13. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    with those shirts you wear i must be right up your alley