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  1. pugdat

    1971 P510 resto

    same here and I'm sick of face book bs..Where are you at?
  2. pugdat

    Are many still on Datnet?

    Wish everyone would come back...all the BS on facebook is annoying...searching here is still the best place for info.
  3. pugdat

    Are many still on Datnet?

    I still look in now and then...datnet facebook page?
  4. check the accelerator pump? I think its called, on carby the diaphram used to fail on my old dato
  5. pugdat

    Pugs's Sr 1600

    Finnally a bit has been done lately, found my datto under a pile of house reno stuff, Struts sorted, rear brakes almost complete, few more bits came in, pics up soon. Can i run braided fuel line from front to back? What type of lift pump can you guys recommend? (underfloor surge tank) or is gravity enough? Again thanks in advance
  6. pugdat

    Datsun Stanza Ride Hieght Need Help

    wheel size wont make a differance to the distance between hub and guard lip
  7. pugdat

    Datsun 180b Sss 74

    foam might help prevent rust, dunno about adding strenght though
  8. pugdat

    R31 Strut Rebuild

    Thanks for the tip Baz
  9. pugdat

    R31 Strut Rebuild

    thanks mate, not scared of a little fab work, so should do the job
  10. pugdat

    R31 Strut Rebuild

    hi all ,work finally restarted on my car one quick question. will these be any good for the front struts in my 1600, sr20det powered, r31 struts with coilover conversion. ? will they fit?? thanks in advance PS mainly used on street if that matters http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/180810161012?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2648
  11. pugdat

    Clutch Part No./type?

    I dont remember which was in mine ,but i can tell you, if u use the wrong one the clutch wont engage....
  12. keen to find out what happens, my car was last regoed and engineered 2001 as well. And im not sure if Lakes Automotive is even around anymore?? its no where near ready yet LOL
  13. pugdat

    Updates - August 2011 Website Upgrades

    cant even log in unless in compatability mode on xp...windows crashes. Probably time for update my OS anyway lLOL
  14. pugdat

    The Spotto Thread . . . .

    spotted DATSIN i think? and another 1600 parked round corner from my house in st clair ,last weekend....all clean and dressed in wedding ribbons..very nice
  15. pugdat

    The Start Of A New Project

    i always thought a shorter stroke ment more revs and less torque, like a F1 engine silly short stroke no torque at low revs but can redline up to 20 000 rpm!!