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  1. NIZ16 SR20DET 342rwhp 71 Datsun

    hey derek, good to be back mate, be good to catch up again mate, ill be at the hotrod show to catch up with the club tomorrow night, congrats on the new power figures to man very tuff be good to catch up and redo my thread on here now i can get all my build pics up with your help
  2. 1972 Datsun 1600 - S15 Sr20Det - D A T T O

    save the pennys ofr a the autometer setup man, well worth it, very easy to calibrate so youll have no probs if you change wheel sizes or diff ratios or so on, plus youll get the kph instead of miles and autometer make a quality product,
  3. Mini Jam - QPDC Represent!

    awesome job guys, congrats , its great to see you guys win, cant wait for the vids, all that had work and r&d paying off, big thumbs up
  4. Willowbank Tonight

    team qpdc for the win
  5. Willowbank Tonight

    awesome, great time their guys, any pics or vid from last night?????? it keeps gettin faster and faster, big thumbs up
  6. PHA716 sr20det 1600

    have you looked around at any other panel shops????? i reckon it might be worth it
  7. does the buisness trip feature datsun related tansport ie the coupe coming up to qld????? is will jeff be flying, im sure heaps of ppl would love to have a look at the coupe from qpdc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. reckon they are top seats man, cant wait to see pics of them in, how did you go with the mod plates and so forth, ohhhh and make sure and put up heaps of pics of the show and shine on here somewhere as well, espcially for us who cant get our daily datto fix cheers luke
  9. NIZ16 SR20DET 342rwhp 71 Datsun

    thanks derek, ill work on getting some of the build and modifictation pics to you aswell man, be good to see some up here, those shots were from late last year, the last run me father had in her before he got the new r32 to punt around in
  10. nice strong curve there derek once she comes on, no where near as bad as some of the external gate setups getting around, cant wait to see how she goes for you at the track, how bout the seats, what are they like to sit in, should be awesome to ride in!!!!
  11. this is a great lookin car, really coming together nice chris, its a credit to you, cant wait to see more of it, bet you cant wait to get it on the road hey,, just one quick question for you, what adjustable strut tops are you using if you dont mind sharing mate????
  12. larger gearbox tunnel

    200b, thats something i didnt think about, i want to go this route too, bigger tunel and running a box that i shouldnt be able to break, keep us posted on how you go mate
  13. good old nomuken, we stood and watched him for a bit, hes crazy all the shit he gets up too just signing autographs, was a seriously great time, we had so much fun there, way too much too see in two days, but we did our best, just found out the fukuoka autosalon is on next month, that only happens to be a 25 minute train ride from our little box apartment, so we will be there for sure, big thanks to derek for taking the time to put these up, we also headed to daikoku futo , some of you guys might have heard of that place, ill send him the pics and ask him to put em up too
  14. JDMDIME- SR20 1600- show+go

    hey, love this thing, was just checking it out on the american forun last night, love so many of the things you have done, how hard was the dvd, navi centre deal, love to do that but with gauges instead, what sort of power are you looking at with the setup your currently running, also really appreciating our right hand drive setup after looking at the position of the dump pipe in relation to the brake and clutch master cylinders and resivours
  15. SR-1600

    nice build mate, eveything has a purpose, absolutly no rice what so ever, and fast around the corners as well in a straight line, always wondered if those cheaper coolers would do the job, but seeing them used on a few projects here they dont seem to harm the hp figures in anyway, how does the smaller fan go for heating when your in traffic???? loving the new plates by the way