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  1. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    I drove it in a day towing the Datto coming back from the 6 hour relay a few months back - just under 16 hours to Newcastle, so 14 to Sydney (with plenty of stops). Won't be doing that again, defintely two day trip for me at Easter
  2. Hey Dave trying to send a message but it won't go through? Have you got an email or mobile I can get you on? Cheers Brendan

  3. Shoutbox Here......

    Group N - historic touring cars, you can build one, doesn't have to be an old racer. Fairly limited modifications allowed (eg 1600's must run an L16 / 4 speed box). Most common models have a spec sheet listed with CAMS that you must abide by - eg the 1600 one is here http://cams.com.au/Sport/Historics/Logbooks_and_COD/Specification_Sheets/~/media/Files/Sport/Historics/Historics/Group%20N/Datsun%201600%20-%20Nc.ashx Group S - historic sports cars, you can also build one, similar deal with very limited mods allowed - I'm looking to build a Fairlady for this group, and will have to run original brakes, original 1600 engine, original 4 speed (can change ratios though).The modifications allowed are mainly for safety (eg, I can run a dual circuit brake master cylinder rather than the old single circuit one) or where it can be proven that a part was available as an option on the car back in the day, so Solex carbs are allowable on the Fairlady for instance. Despite being pretty much "production" categories, some of the cars are very well prepared, pretty quick (and expensive ) - last FoSC meeting I was at, there was a Group N 1600 getting around Wakefield in 1:14, not bad for L16 power. Then you get into other categories (Group T, U and plenty of others) that cater for old racers with a documented history - this is where I would imagine cars like Graeme's old 1600 racer would fit. For those, you have to pick a period in the car's history then build it to those specifications. I'm hoping to get into it as cheap as possible, before I get too old . I don't pretend that I'll be ultra competitive and bring home any trophies, just want to give it a go. Had a few friends lately with health problems, deaths, my parents are pretty much stuffed, etc - makes you think that perhaps you should get out and do things while you still can.
  4. Skyline Nationals

    Track day is tempting, although its a bit close to the Festival of Sporting Cars day on the next South Circuit at Eastern Creek, 29th September, that I'm already entered for. Can you do just the track day, without entering the show'n'shine, etc ?
  5. Shoutbox Here......

    Who's next ?
  6. Shoutbox Here......

    And I may have started planning for an Historic Group Sb race Datsun, doing the bucket list thing before I get too old
  7. Shoutbox Here......

    Yep, I haven't been doing much the last year or two. Both my parents have Alzheimers / Dementia - the wife and I are trying to keep them in their own home rather than a nursing home, but that means constant visits to make sure they are OK, haven't forgotten to take their medication, haven't forgotten to eat, etc. In other news, I found some time to get down to Phillip Island for the 6 hour regularity relay weekend before las, with the (boo, hiss) Qld Z Club. And yes, I did have to pump up the Toyo R888's, used 28psi !
  8. Shoutbox Here......

    Yeah, but the forums don't tell me what my "friend" (that I've never met, and don't really want to meet) had for breakfast this morning. Having built Datsun's before the internet was invented, and after, forums like this are a huge time / money saver.
  9. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Got a family room available for me ?
  10. Definitely not auto-related discussion, my house reverse cycle split system a/c has stopped working. Indoor unit flashes an error code that means "No power to outdoor unit", fan in indoor unit blows but no heating orcooling happens. Outdoor unit does have 240V from the meter box to a terminal block. Wire coming down from the indoor unit to the outside unit seems to have a varying voltage on it (varies randomly between 7 and 40-ish volts). Whe I turn the a/c on, about 5 seconds later the house lights dim a little for a second or two, then come good again. Nothing seems to happen on the outdoor unit (fan / compressor don't do a thing). Any ideas (apart from buy a new a/c) ? Its a 10-ish year old Mitsubishi MSH-30SV.
  11. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    I'm heading down to Phillip Island in August for the 6 hour relay, and found a lot of the accomodation was booked out. Had a choice of either a 5 star luxury or 2 star not-quite-luxury. I'd heed the warning about booking accommodation early.
  12. If the SDC ever has a run up this way, we may be able to hire the Newcastle MG Car Club's little hillclimb track for a bit of fun ? They have had other clubs use the track, not sure how much dollars / what restrictions there are ? There's a nice big dirt car park too...........
  13. I spoke too soon - blew my first gearbox at Lakeside a month or two back, I'm now the proud owner of a 180B SSS 1 speed gearbox (and probably a fried clutch from trying to get it back on the trailer in 3rd gear )
  14. Old Jap Wheels

    Otomoto have a fairly wide selection on their website, seem quite cheap and get new stuff in fairly often.
  15. And I could be wrong, but I reckon the first link would be BMC "A"-series (Morris, etc) not Datsun "A"-series.