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  1. 1600 Steering Rack Conversion

    Hey Baz, how good it feels to have the guru himself join in. I reckon the temp fix won't change much if it is still based on a steering box system, and a 15" wheel will just bump on my thighs.. Power steering is not much of an issue, as I'm quite happy with the current weighty feel of the steering. I don't have any complains for normal driving, but at a recent Drifting event, I realised the disadvantage of a steering rack, having to manually gauge counter-steer.. Needless to say, my elbows and shoulders didn't really feel to good after that weekend.. When you say manual rack for AUD$500, does this mean non-assisted rack and pinion? Is steering feel heavier or lighter than the current steering box design? I'll be looking at something with a ratio of 1.9 to 2.5.. that should be good.. I have big confidence in anything you bring out Baz, so count me in on getting the system.
  2. 1600 Steering Rack Conversion

    Hi Graeme, yes, I have a Datsport brace installed. It does help reduce play and steering response, it's fine for street driving, unfortunately it makes drifting tiresome. Having to manually countersteer when driving at an angle. Some nice links there, does anyone know what steering rack would most likely fit into the dimensions of a 510?
  3. 1600 Steering Rack Conversion

    Hi Everyone, It's seems my datto has gotten quite the drift fever. I have found it a tough job in a datto still using the steering box. Has anyone successfully converted the steering box to a steering rack in a 1600? Cheers, Mark
  4. Datto Power - How Much Is Too Much?

    IMHO, you don't need 400whp for that.
  5. Datto Power - How Much Is Too Much?

    When I started this thread, I was thinking more in terms of how much power is to much for the car to still be very street-able. It seems to have veered of into the Dragging scene, nevertheless, some very interesting points of view here. Currently, I am quite happy with what the T28 has to offer at about 12-13psi, even then, I feel the engine leaning out above 6k. 550s and AFM hopefully to be installed soon. Currently it should be somewhere around 235-245rwhp. Which is quite ample for swift street driving, IMHO. But I reckon I will aim for around 300rwhp with a T517Z/T518Z. Anything more would just not be useable for street driven datto. IMHO.
  6. Datsuns@youtube Action!

    Cheers Jeff That was my first time, will get some more vid's posted up, there is an upcoming drift practice event soon. As for the comparison? Must be cause it's an SR..
  7. Datsuns@youtube Action!

    Some vid's from a recent beginners drifting practice event. First, the lesson. (not me driving) Some off track practice, resulting on exposing the wires in my old tires New tires fitted.
  8. Datto Power - How Much Is Too Much?

    Nice to see that this thread is becoming more and more interesting with all the different views out there. Keep the posts/opinions coming!
  9. Datsuns On The Street

    Mr. X: "Is it for sale?" Me: "Not really, but if you'll give me (roughly converted) AUS$30.000 for it, I'll build a better one for AUS$18.000." Note: AUS$30.000 is about what I have spent, taking into account things that had to be re-done due to lack of experience and knowledge.
  10. Datto Power - How Much Is Too Much?

    Just got back from tuning my Greddy BC unit. I have now a nice and stable 0.9bar/13psi (hi setting) on the T28. Although, after some research more than 10psi does not seem to be recommended on the stock 370cc injectors. Note: I am already using a walbro 255 fuel pump. Any ideas on the above? Can I safely run 14-15psi on 370cc injectors and stock AFM? By 6200 rpm the engine seems to be running out of steam, although boost is still constant, could this be a sign of the injectors leaning out?
  11. Datto Power - How Much Is Too Much?

    Thanks for all the input guys. I feel like a douche, since I recently realised that I'm not utilizing the full potential of the T28. On a recent highway trip, I realised that I haven't set my boost controller properly (Greddy Profec II) and am only boosting 0.7 bar. And here I am thinking about an upgrade.. I'll definitely need to have a taste of 14-15psi first until I can make a final decision on what turbo to get. The car should be very street-able and still retain the low down punch. Just need some more mid-range and a turbo that does not lose breath at 6k. Also, I'm still running a 3.9 diff, where 5th gear is basically just for cruising, as we know, 510's are not designed to cruise above 200kph. Will be looking at a higher diff ratio, 4.1/4.3. Any ideas? IMHO, around 300whp probably a barrier not to cross to keep the car fun on the street. Hi Jeff, at what boost level are you getting 220-230rwkw? Could you please elaborate "reasonable"? Cheers, Mark
  12. Hi All, The headline says it all. I have been searching various threads on the internet in search of a good turbo upgrade for my T28. Initially, I have been looking into either a GT2871R .64 52t or a T518Z 8cm. Both these turbo's seem to be most efficient at 240-260 rwkw, which seems like a lot of power in a small datto chassis. Even the many silvia guys seem to think that with any of the above, it is easy to light up the wheels in 1st,2nd,3rd gears. I would imagine that it would be even more vigorous in a datto. Now I'm just looking at filling the power loss in the top end of my T28, and a little midrange. So I'm leaning more towards a GT2860RS/T517Z which are rated at 380/395ps respectively. Which is around 200-220 rwkw, CMIIW. Now, what are your experiences in how much power is useable in a datto? Cheers, Mark
  13. What Wrong With The Thread View?

    Thanks guys.. Sorted! @Datto: Thanks for the tip. @FlyBy: Sorry Jon, Thanks for moving the thread. Please see below. @SX-510: Thanks for pointing that out, Jeff. I second that opinion. When looking at the Website Topic, it does not mention forums, that is why I posted in the General section. Cheers, Mark
  14. Hi Guys, Am I the only one experiencing this? All threads seem to open in a compressed form under the Original Post. Cheers, Mark
  15. Konig Rewind On Datsport Suspension

    Thanks for the tip. I drew everything as advised, and 8" rims in the front might be pretty tight. I might have to think about a complete mix between wheel size and tire sizes?? front 16x7 (195/50) rear 16x8 (205/45)?? Arghhhh.. Will see..