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  1. Hi Guys, Just changed my coupe from Shannons to NRMA Vintage Veteran & Classic, insured for $11,000 my premium went from $484.21- $291.20. Big saving, still have agreed value, retention rights of the wreck etc, check the PDS and make sure you are happy blah blah blah, but I was and saved myself almost $200 buck PA. Have been happy with Shannons but the premium has slowly been creeping up over the last few years to the point where I was paying more for the Datto than I was 4 years back for my SR20 powered KE20 which had a much higher risk of theft and was insured for a much higher agreed value. Might be worth checking out Cheers Matt
  2. Will be there in the coupe, my 'dial in' is 1/4 of whatever shawn's QIK 510 makes! See you there Cheers Matt
  3. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    Spotted MYDRUG in the city yesterday, looking tough amounst all the Mercs and Range Rovers!
  4. I've done somewhat of an SR- old school swap through changing cars. My old KE20 corolla had a built SR with 345rwhp, now I have a built A series with about 80rwhp. It comes down to horses for courses, each is great in its own different way. I think its only going to get harder to keep our old cars on the road (legality wise), particularly big power turbo setups which unfortunately can attract a lot of the wrong sort of attention. I can't speak for the L series but my A series has a large cam, twin 40s, porting etc and it is reasonably happy to idle for a while, though eventually it will fuel up, nothing a quick rev won't fix though! It is quite drivable and sounds great, but a little more power would be nice. I agree with the comments above, the L series switch sounds like a good idea, but a properly built one, getting it tuned, decent gearbox etc it all gets quite expensive very quickly. I do like my A series as its something different, sounds great when you are into it, and you can keep the boot into it for a fair while before your doing 3x the speed limit (actually probably impossible in my coupe!), so the license has half a chance, but there's a reason people went away from the A's and L's and went to the FJ/CA/SR's, power, reliability and value for money. I think you would be disappointed pulling apart a complete and very nicely setup SR package and substituting it for an L series, but having said that the L series would make your car a little different. Its up to you... perhaps keep yours and setup a budget L powered track hack??? Matt
  5. Thanks guys, unfortunately it was found in Glendenning this morning completely burnt out :-(
  6. I know its not a datto but its an old toy that was taken away from a mate yesterday sometime. Its a daily not a show car but it holds a lot of sentimental value to the owner. If the western sydney folk could keep an eye out it would be greatly appreciated- Justin's contact details are below. Cheers Matt I have had my Ke26 Wagon Stolen yesterday 13/12/10 between 8am and 5pm. Yes I know that it is not the neatest car, but it is my favorite car in the world. The memories that I have with this car go back to my when my daughter was a new born. Both of my kids are devestated, my wife is gutted (both agreed that we would of preferred out 03 ss stolen). The real kicker in the theaft was that I was to pick both of my kids up from day care this afternoon. I had 2 car seats in the car as well. Details: 1972 Ke 26 Toyota Corolla 4 door wagon Green Rego - GJZ - 157 (original plates that came with the car ) NSW rego Stolen between 8am and 5pm 4k 5 speed Stolen from Beams avenue Mount Druitt NSW(yes I know its a bad area - just the nearest train station for work) Any iformation on it PLEASE contact myself on 0407775859 or justcurb@hotmail.com I really just want the car returned and am happy for it to be returned with no questions asked - I am really gutted.
  7. Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    Really looking forward to this! Finished a few things I wanted done for the cruise last night... only question now is to pack the creeper or not pack the creeper... ??? :-)
  8. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    An awesome event and a huge turn out, imagine how big this will be in a few years! Top work by the organisers, ran really smoothly was a great day bring on Datto Day 2011! Cheers Matt
  9. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    Looking forward to this! The coupe is all cleaned ready to go. Bring on the 35 degree plus sunshine :-)
  10. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    In the diary, should be a good day!
  11. Sdc Historic Rego Drag Night At Wsid - Wed 29 Sept

    I teach at TAFE on Wed nites, if its in the school holidays i'd be keen as for some battles in the 16 second zone lol!
  12. Shauns 2 Door 1200 Sedan

    Nice Shaun... JTS sticker should be good for an extra 200rwhp!
  13. Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    I'm definately keen for this again, last year was awesome, looking forward to a multi- lane street luge creeper challenge :-)
  14. Wheels Sizes

    Cant speak for the rear end, but for the front end (on standard coupe disk struts) i've had: 14x6 +16 offset 175/60/14 15x6 +20 offset 175/50/15 Really depends on your strut/ brake package, once you go bigger than the above tyre size in overall tyre diametre you may have to trim the front lower corner of the guard (bit below the front bar) as they hit this area fairly easily. 1200's suck for putting bigger wheels under the front, sort out your strut/ brake package first then go looking for wheels to suit. Cheers Matt
  15. Sdc Club Car Working Bee

    Unfortunately I can't make it this sunday after all. Please post up details of the next working bee once a date is set, i'll lock it in befor anything else gets in the way! Cheers Matt