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  1. DA75IN

    Wedding Cars Also Need

    You got my number if you need my smoke machine :-) Leaving yourself wide open for a smartarse remark there Mark i always leave myself open for ass jas :-)
  2. DA75IN

    Wedding Cars Required

    Im happy to accomidate if you need my datsun let me know
  3. DA75IN

    Wedding Cars Also Need

    You got my number if you need my smoke machine :-)
  4. DA75IN

    Sdc Winter Cruze, Sunday 5Th June 2011

    Looks like a good day out guys and girls, Loving the new rides! Shame there was no fog If i manage to get some tyre shine on my tyres, i might bring my FOG machine on the next run.
  5. DA75IN

    Hit Or Shit

    or a public stoning, and not the joint type either
  6. DA75IN

    Hit Or Shit

    blahahahahahaah you funny fucker.
  7. DA75IN

    Winter Wagon Cruise

    If you timed it right you could cruise to the upcoming all japanese day thats coming up..... from GENTLEMAN DA75IN
  8. DA75IN

    Wife 1200 Ute

    Thats brilliant!!!!
  9. DA75IN

    Ebay Junky's??

    Thats awesome!
  10. DA75IN

    Ebay Junky's??

    wtf!! that's ridiculous. The funny part is that they're half plastic, you'd think the METAL grilles & headlight surrounds would be the ones fetching the most. "Supply & demand" I guess. One would think so, however the metal grilles are a dime a dozen. well if you cant afford rego one year.. just sell your grille. :-)
  11. DA75IN

    Ebay Junky's??

    Check out the price of this grille, what a joke!!! In saying that, its bidding that high not a listed price! Im shocked and would not pay half that for one of these grilles. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/DATSUN-1600-BLUEBIRD-510-SSS-1972-JDM-GRILLE-ASSEMBLY-/390308674907?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5ae035bd5b
  12. DA75IN

    Cruise To The Nationals 2011

    I'm up for that plan Mark, think Chuck is too No worries ill see you guys there jeff and we will meet you then ben. It going to be an awesome day, Id advise everyone that is considering going to make every effort to go, even to watch i can gaurentee you its going to a worth a look. A couple of my menace mtes are going in there big hp 1600`s My mates freshly tuned monster sr 1600 will be going it just made 440 atw on 23psi last night supporting some monster big cams, and let me tell you he aint SHY with it, and most definatly wont be pussy footing around, also my other mate is taking the freshly rebuilt and tuned (ex flyby fj 1600) he will be there running in his new 25psi engine this guy is a absolute menace!! these two boys will be battling it out as they have a friendly grudge against each other. See you all friday!
  13. DA75IN

    Old Engine Oil

    Aren't you an "Environmental Health and Building Surveyor"???? I do hope none of the oil leaches into the ground. Partially correct graeme... Im just a building surveyor :-) dont worry it will take approx 350 years to reach the water table. :-)