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  1. Just Started My Rebuild Need Help

    Hi Turtle. Where are you located as I should be able to help you out with that opera window, headlight trim and door. Throw a picture up Cheers Mark
  2. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Apparently coming very soon
  3. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    Just to offer my 2c to the can of worms, bearing in mind that I dont care where we meet. It seems at the moment we have 3 options being Cabramatta Prospect Alternate between the 2 Can we not have a vote as has been suggested, but include an SMS/email voting option as well to accomodate those who cant always make the monthly meetings. That way those that want a say can regardless of whether it is a cold winters night. Each vote should have a name/member number so everyone only votes once regardless of the way they vote. We have an oportunity to inform members before the July meeting, then discuss/vote at the July meeting and continue counting votes untill the week before the August meeting, then have a result for the August meeting so we can start talking Datsuns again. Just my thoughts.....
  4. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Put me down for a family room too please Mr P
  5. Is there a get-out clause if a spot is booked??
  6. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    Spotted Neary this morning on Windsor Rd at Mcgraths Hill
  7. Motorkhana 6 Feb . Hills District Car Club

    Just one question....Did the egg get used?
  8. Qik 510

    Nice work Shawn. GTFBO......
  9. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    He gets around. I spotted him on richmond road at Marsden Park last week
  10. I was looking at this one. The wife even said yes just as it sold. I wouldve liked to have one on historic
  11. Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    Datto-less but still going. See you all in the morning
  12. Sdc Club Car Mk2.

    Dont know what Im more impressed with...the car in a restaurant or Mr Ps pink tie
  13. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    Fantastic day and an awesome turnout! Thanks to all that organised the day and to the sponsors. I think Ill have to pull my finger out and get my car to Datsun Day 2011.....