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  1. Sdc Summer Cruise 20/1/13

    Leaving Heathcote Train station car park just before the Caltex on the princes highway at 9am. Heading thru the national park and down the coast rd across the sea cliff bridge then up Macquarie Pass and down Jambaroo Mountain Rd onto kiama. There is a Classic car show on at kiama that we could check out when we get there. See map for details: http://goo.gl/maps/aRZVR All Welcome!!!
  2. Datsun 180b Sss 74

    Well done on the 11.8!
  3. Information On Nismo4

    I think there might be a build thread on ozdat
  4. The SDC are having a change of venue for the September Meeting as a trial for a new venue. ALL WELCOME! The room is at Eastern creek raceway (sydney motor sport park as it's now called) It will be in the Garage cafe and it is located above the pits closest to turn 1. http://www.sydneymot...n#theGarageCafe See the Facebook event page for more info: https://www.facebook...28698513942592/
  5. i have R31 rears on mine and i did it all myself. Bought a R31 complete for $50 and used the brackets modified them by copying the Maddat type and used the callipers and bought new disc's and handbrake cables...all up i think it cost me $240 If you want bolt on the maddat ones bolt on the Datsport are welded to the arm. the R31 fit over a 14inch rim as that whats the R31 came with. not sure about engineering as not sure what state your in.
  6. Shoutbox Here......

    i heard its the 4th Nov
  7. Shoutbox Here......

    How's the knee? shit .....i just want to ride my bike!
  8. Shoutbox Here......

    Happy Effing Friday
  9. Shoutbox Here......

    Too right Baz!
  10. Ha... id like to see you keep up on your stinky!
  11. i won't be there,Im Having Knee surgery the day before ...lets try for one 1000 wags!
  12. Get the Blue wagon ready chuck , bring some bits over lets get it going!
  13. Shoutbox Here......

    Beer ..i Like Beer