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  1. Hey PJ, the Rola looks hektik, especially the door trims...just wondering....do they make them for men??
  2. car decals

    cheers thanks mate, I will PM you when I get back from holiday in Europe, should be in about 6 weeks time...
  3. car decals

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Is it a genuine matching numbers car??? Yeah Craig it is mate, it's actually a 2006 one-owner car....fitted from factory with the new car smell....and after talking to my good friend Borat it has an aftermarket pu$$y magnet fitted also.... maybe when you get your licence back you can be my taxi driver as I don't want to clock too many miles up on the car as it will reduce it's future collectability....
  4. car decals

    Thanks mate, just thought that with the increasing amount of Ford Falcon GT Replicas that are selling for ridiculous amounts of $$$, I might get in on the act and make mine an investment for the future...with the guaranteed appreciation in value, I might be able to put my kids through private school in the future....
  5. just wondering if anyone here knows where to get car decals from? I'm between Dattos at the moment, and for the time being my daily taxi is a 2006 Fiesta and I kinda like the XR4 stripes. Just wondering if there are any companies out there that sell them off the floor already made, without me having to cut them to size. cheers ...cuevo...
  6. Gun 16

    WOW!! Loved the story behind this one....usually I just skim through the thread, but this one was great (sorry to those who have posted and I have skimmed through)...but this one is truly one of the best...good luck with the rest of the build and future undertakings as well....
  7. Man o Man, this is gonna be a good looking beast when it is all done Baz....good luck!!
  8. 1200 ute and S15

    it's hek-tik craig...love ya work...now the only thing you need is a licence to drive them!!
  9. my mate who just bought the stagea still has his van for sale, should give him a buzz, his name is adam 0405 221 994, tell him you spoke to chris and you heard about it on datnet
  10. you could by a nissan stagea?? knock the back seats down and it has a bit of room, with the added bonus of a RB25. My best mate just traded in his Mazda E1800 van for the Stagea and he loves it....something different, depends on what type of work you do though....he does car stereos so it is okay for him.. good luck with the decision
  11. Insurance

    not wanting to sway your thoughts, but sometimes the third party insurance isn't always the best cover, there is a reason why it is cheaper. it doesn't really cover you for a lot. imagine this situation, some one who is un insured and/or un licenced hits you and even though they are at fault, good luck trying to get any $$$ out of them...sorry to open up any sore points if this has happened to you, but it does happen... and i do recommend disclosing all driving history to the insurance company and keeping them updated whenever you have a driving infringement, better to be upfront and they can say no BEFORE they take your money then AFTER a claim is lodged and the claim is denied... just my two cents
  12. Transformers

    Hahaha, Looks like I will "have" to take my little godson to the movies to watch that one then....if only the trailer was like that, I am sure even more people would have seen the movie
  13. RB25DET 260C

    Yeah, I saw it at the Goulburn Nats and have always said it was one hEk TiK mobile.....on the hektisity rating, it would be around the 7.5 to 8.0...hahhahaha, but looking at around the 9.5 to 10.0 once the RB is in and running....
  14. Club Plates

    Thanks Graeme, I will give your number to the guy, his name is John Eldib, don't be scared off by his name, he is actually a really nice guy to talk to...had a heap of 1600's in the past. This one is a dead stock 1969 model.
  15. usa ebay special

    Amazing!! Those yanks will put a 454 in absolutely anything!!!