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  1. We are organising on Saturday May 23 a heavy metal festival at the Melbourne Knights Soccer Stadium in North Sunshine, Melbourne. There are 5 bands on the bill, with Vanishing point headlining. Its an all day event, and part of the days events will include a Custom Car and Bike Show at 12pm. If anyone is interested in participating in the car show you can call 0449 026 488. All proceeds on the day go to CANTEEN (kids with cancer)
  2. Im in Watsonia northan suburbs ill post my mods up soon
  3. Im trying to get my car registered in victoria it has been previously registered with these mods in other states but now i have to get a VASS (Vehicle Assesment Signatory Scheme) certificate before i can register the car! Has anyone done this? or know of any good signatories in Melbourne ? cheers