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  1. petern

    1968 Ca18Det 510

    You are faster................for now went 11.683@ 123.78mph 1.830 on low boost (18psi) run as high as 125mph then snapped a cv spline
  2. petern

    1968 Ca18Det 510

    nice work mate
  3. petern

    1968 Ca18Det 510

    put to the drag radials to good use here.... http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/364933-s-a-u-n-s-w-private-wsid-drag-racing-day/
  4. petern

    Datsun Nissan Engine Pictures

    Nice work Chris!
  5. petern

    510 obsessed or what is back

    Had to change the ink in my printer the other day
  6. petern

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2011

    Prep for the Nat? Almost done! - New fuel setup in the boot (surge tank, 044, inline filters, 400 series hoses and connectors) - Restored another pair of Watanabes for the fronts (better offset), had all 4 centres soda blasted and painted, and got some chrome ebay caps - Fitted a pair of new R888 to the race rims - Motor and diff oil changed - Replaced rear crossmember to body bush as it disintegrated after having the rear jacked up for a week. Tune on Thursday then I'm all set
  7. petern

    1968 Ca18Det 510

    looks like you used old school film at least it has good focus on the "dust"
  8. petern

    Old Engine Oil

    Got a few 5 litre bottles in the shed you can have.
  9. petern

    1600 Full Rebuild

    I can see a few bits in the engine bay that need some polishing... Very nice mate, can't wait to see it in the flesh. Those are the type of wheel caps I have been looking for - might have to try them on the Wats.
  10. according to the catalogue (page 17 of wheel studs) NS462 has a long stud number of S4570 = 73mm long
  11. Check out the catalogue here niceproducts.com.au, lots of sizes. You'll probably have to order them from an auto stores - that what I had to do when I changed the back ones to fir the Wats Just had a look and they have a unit in Marrickville, so maybe give them a call and see if you can buy directly if your in a hurry
  12. petern

    Win A Date With Miss February 2011

    ahhhh... that's where it went.... Yeah, the previous owner doesn't like to do burnouts at all
  13. petern

    Nismo Rims

    Did a quick google and looks like they only come in bronze, silver, white and only in 5 stud. Didn't find any Oz dealers but keep an eye out of silvia and skyline forums as they come up every now and then. The other option is to buy new from Nengun - $668each!
  14. noise level - under 93 or 96DB (can't remember) make sure your interior is seal from the boot - aluminum sheet behind the seat and even dynamat it
  15. petern

    Sdc Club Car Mk2.

    that's awesome