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  1. Thinking Of Going Back To L Series?

    Like historic rego too. Whilst we've got you Baz, can you give the guys a ballpark figure on how much it would cost for a 2.4 Stroker with webers all supplied through you guys? 7 - 10k? I think when we start doing the maths of what it's worth to build a grumpy L Series we'll start to get a clear answer.
  2. Thinking Of Going Back To L Series?

    Buy a S15 Autech NA SR.
  3. Thinking Of Going Back To L Series?

    I had a similar thought about reviving my old 2.4 stroker and ripping the SR out of my 16. A hot L-series build will owe you 3 - 5ish grand done properly. Webers are like $800 each new and a second hand set on a manifold goes for like $1200. It's a lot of effort to go to end up with a 14 - 15 sec 1/4mile car. Webers don't like idleing, they don't like the heat and require too much mucking about. I ran the idea past a mate (of going back to an L-series) so he threw me the keys to his rally car (Big L-series with Webers), after a couple of goes at starting it and doing a lap of the block i surmised that i'd end up stabbing myself in the face after removing a SR for an L-series. Rose coloured glasses bro.
  4. Fark, not a bad little steerer
  5. Wsid

    Yeah ring Danny (Towie off PF) on 0414TOWING and tell him to drop it off at Rhys' house and he'll sort you out no dramas
  6. Shauns 2 Door 1200 Sedan

    Yeah that's my angle Shaun, can't break nothing or crash it if you don't drive them.
  7. Shauns 2 Door 1200 Sedan

    Is that Jon Bostons old one? I had a look at it five or so years ago up at his place and put it in the too hard basket then. Good work Shaun, more saving them and less crashing them.
  8. Wsid

    Yeah bro, there's plenty of us that live in Penrith or surrounding areas, (50bucks tow from WSID) myself included. I've got a 4 car garage that's nearly empty, give us a bell if you run into sh#t. 0404174264
  9. Early Morning Sunday 01082010

    I'm spewing i missed this. My sh#tbox would of fitted right in with the theme of this event.
  10. Jap Spec

    Mr Negativity.
  11. Jap Spec

    Resting on your missus' forehead jeff? Jokes As hot as these Dattos look slammed (they're stationary) I reckon they'd drive like a bucket
  12. Jap Spec

    If rust is now in fashion, i've been ahead of the curve for years
  13. I'm considering doing the same thing, too hard to drive a quick car on the street anymore.
  14. Mini Tubbed 1600

    If you want tubs, go buy a torana already done.
  15. I rolled off my sister and moved into a place in Penrith (4 car garage, plus dual carport)