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  1. oi_son

    Gun 16

    Hi Derek Long time no hear from. I dont see anyoneone rushing to respond to you. Unfortunately people dont post here like they used to. Its a real shame. Anyways. No im not sure where your car has gone. Last i heard of this car was when someone left something heavy in the boot and somehow it dented the back quarter panel from the inside and you could see the dent from the outside. Maybe they turned hard and it slid around in the boot.. The guy was trying to sell it like that from memory. It was quite some time ago now. Regards Jason
  2. oi_son

    EJ20T Powered 1600 (now with pics)

    I saw this in person on the weekend. Looks very nice.
  3. oi_son

    Ems Temp Sensor

    Hi Guys Here is an update for you. I was sure I wrote down the correct way the wires came off the dizzy when I pulled it apart.. which turns out to be a series 4 rotary crank sensor. Well I got it wrong. I put it back together with 2 wires around the wrong way.. So I am to blame for the mistake. I had the EMS guy take a look and he picked it up within 15 minutes what I had done. I want to thankyou all so much for your replies. The datsun kicked over tonight and is purring again. Kindest Regards Jason
  4. oi_son

    Ems Temp Sensor

    Thanks for your replies guys. I left work early today to go over the EMS and see about the temp sensor. I met Peter who Margerate mentioned in the email.. Well you wouldnt beleive it that he lives about 2 minute drive from my house. He said if he knew he could of just brought it to my house. And then another thing you wouldnt beleive.. He owns 2 Datsun 180b's (I think one was a SSS) one with a z18 and another with a VG30 how bizarre. Anyways here is the part. I will fit it tomorrow night and let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your replies
  5. oi_son

    Ems Temp Sensor

    Thanks Iggy, I also figured this out after I posted up the question. I got a reply from EMS this morning. Hi Jason, You are in luck! The temp sensor you need is an imperial Dualsport Temp Sensor which we have in stock at the moment. As the Dualsport is the ‘dinosaur’of our ECU range (very old now) and as much of the componentry that was used in its manufacture and in the manufacture of parts to compliment it (eg. Wiring harness, communication cable etc) are no longer available to us now (obsolete), we are very limited on what we can still supply or repair from that ECU range, hence we do not advertise it as we cannot support it 100%. The imperial thread Dualsport Sensor you need is $40.00 (incl GST). Just come down to our office/factory between 9am –5pm weekdays (bring your old one if you want), but Peter the technician saw the image you sent through and knew straight away that it was an imperial thread Dualsport temp sensor! Kind Regards Margaret EMS Computers Pty Ltd Unit 9/ 171 Power Street Glendenning NSW 2761 I will head down to their office this week to pick it up. I will let you guys know how it goes.
  6. oi_son

    Ems Temp Sensor

    Ok I went to SWR this morning. He didnt have anything to help me out. I tried EMS directly but I dont think they are open, they didnt answer their phone. I have emailed EMS and waiting on a reply. It looks like this temp sensor is not a standard one. So thats something I am going to have to attempt to source if EMS cannot help. I have researched and it looks like any temp sensor can be programmed into the ECU so if EMS do not have the correct part I will have to try and program another sensor into it. yikes.
  7. oi_son

    Ems Temp Sensor

    Ok I have just got the part out and now after looking at other pictures of temp sensors I am wondering if it is the temp sensor.. I have included some photos. this is the part that I think is faulty. It goes under the thermostat there in the picture were you see coolant coming out of. There were 2 wires coming out of it at one stage. Is the water temp the one further around to the right? With what looks like 2 nuts. Im sorry if this seems like a stupid question.
  8. oi_son

    Ems Temp Sensor

    Thankyou very much for your reply. I will let you know how i go tomorrow. Thanks again.
  9. oi_son

    Ems Temp Sensor

    Hi guys I have an EMS computer in the datsun. Now i have a faulty temp sensor. Its reading 235 degrese engine temp when the car is off. It will not spark. I have been told that it is possibly because there is no map in the computer to read 235 degrese. I am going to take the sensor out in the morning and head to SWR to see if they have a spare. I have been told because it is a modified car that the sensor might not be standard either. Is there normally some sort of model number on it that can tell me? If not and i get the wrong one i am going to have to reprogram my computer to match the new sensor right? My question after that.. is there anyone out there who knows how to change the settings? I have the handset for the EMS but i dont know how it really works.. maybe i need the computer program and laptop to change it??
  10. oi_son

    Oi_Son - 1971 Datsun 1600 P510 Project

    Oh and I hope to have an update for you on my 73 grill restoration. A friend has taken 2 of the metal brackets from the back of the grill and is going to remake them as the ones on the grill were a little bit rusted. When I get them back I will put the grill back together and post some pics up.
  11. oi_son

    Oi_Son - 1971 Datsun 1600 P510 Project

    And a dash facia with the radio delete option including the other delete options plus ash tray Now in one of the delete options at the bottom I think I will put the following switch which will in turn switch on a lamp at the top of the radio facia. In the other delete option I am thinking of putting this light: Now I found out some time ago that the exterior door handles differ from front to rear and the rear handles are extremely hard to find NOS and so you can modify your NOS front handles to fit the rear of the car. I had the 4 NOS front handles but managed to find 2 NOS rear handles so i dont have to modify anything. I was really unsure where I was going to go with my dash, as you would know from previous posts I have already got all Autometer guages with the fuel sender ready to go. I was thinking of doing something like what is already in my other 1600: But I really wasnt sure. I purchased this dash facia incase I wanted to go something original: But then I managed to get my hands on something else that I could use.. I am extremely happy to have this and I might lean towards using this instead. SSS Dash Im sorry its not much of a build update and its just more parts.. But once I have all the parts it shouldnt take long to get together. Some other build start and they get painted and drive train ready then they start to gather parts for the build. As I mentioned I seem to be doing this build in reverse. I dont think there has been anything else I need to update you on at the moment. If I find something I will update you. Anyways. Enjoy. Hopefully there wont be such a long wait before my next update
  12. oi_son

    Oi_Son - 1971 Datsun 1600 P510 Project

    Ok Ladies and Gentleman As I mention I do not have much of an update for you. Still collecting parts. Sorry for the low res pics also. I took them all and then realised I had the phone on the wrong setting and it only took 630x480 size pics instead of 8mp ones. I cant be bothered taking them again as it took long enough to try and get them right in the first place. Ok here goes... First I have a warning for you... I purchased a set of front Euro Style lamps (70-72 model) last year from Thailand. I will be much more causious when purchasing something from there again. I purchased these as a NOS set. They came and I just put them away with my other parts. They came in nissan boxes and everything. I had these for several months before reading a post on another website saying that someone else had purchased some lamps like these from Thailand and they are not the real deal. I then took a look at mine to also notice I had been ripped off. I didnt notice 2 different boxes... Now you will notice that the lamps are 68-69 model I beleive? Now you will notice the biggest issue... The lamp holder has only 1 globe.... these backings are supposed to be for the amber only lamps. Not the clear/amber lamps. Of course the person I purchased these off cannot be contact now and my money is lost on these. Once I found this out I wasnt happy so I went on the search for a "proper" NOS set. I found some.. of course they were at a much higher cost but atleast I got some. Much better so the lesson learnt I supopse is always double check what you are getting and make sure that it is actually what turns up on your door step and chase it up straight away if there is an issue. More parts I have accumulated over the past few months are: PWR Intercooler: I already had a NOS left hand arm rest but couldnt get a right hand one NOS. Well I found one.
  13. oi_son

    Oi_Son - 1971 Datsun 1600 P510 Project

    Hi Shawn.. Not really much of an update. This isnt a fast build like some others. I wish it was though. But money is always a big player. If I had unlimited amounts of money right now then I would have it done by now. I will provide an update this week sometime however the update is really only going to be more parts. I have got a fair few more parts and there is one part I am waiting to arrive this week sometime once it arrives I will post an update with some pics. I did order one of those how to rebuild an SR20DET DVD from www.drifting.com and it never turned up. I have emailed them twice now to see where it is and they are not responding to my emails. Has anyone got the DVD they can copy for me? And the colour... I really dont know I have been thinking about that alot lately... I have been leaning towards the off white/creamy colour. I want something that will make the chrome stand out.
  14. oi_son

    The Spotto Thread . . . .

    Spotted GODATO this afternoon crossing the almost flooded Windsor bridge.
  15. oi_son

    Anth's 1969 Datsun 1600 Fj20et

    Very very nice, well done.. I will await mine to come in the mail Wish they still had posters in the middle of the mag. This would be good as a poster.