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  1. jezza

    1600 Thermos

    took some advice and put a n13 radiator into my fj 1600, the radiator fits nice and was installed by swr, but im struggling to find a thermo fan that will fit. Hoping someone can make a suggestion as im lead to beleive the n13 is a common upgrade, cheers guys any advice is appreciated and if any one is selling a suitable thermo please contact me cheers guys
  2. Jezza, I have 4 perfect doors (still have plastic on inside) for a 1600 and also a boot lid. If interested please get back to me.


  3. jezza

    Fj 20 Speedo

    cheers guys and the calibration stays spot on ?
  4. jezza

    Fj 20 Speedo

    just tryin to find out what is involved in getting my factory speedo and taco in my 1600 to work with an fj and manual box any help cheers