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  1. 1600 Thermos

    took some advice and put a n13 radiator into my fj 1600, the radiator fits nice and was installed by swr, but im struggling to find a thermo fan that will fit. Hoping someone can make a suggestion as im lead to beleive the n13 is a common upgrade, cheers guys any advice is appreciated and if any one is selling a suitable thermo please contact me cheers guys
  2. Jezza, I have 4 perfect doors (still have plastic on inside) for a 1600 and also a boot lid. If interested please get back to me.


  3. Fj 20 Speedo

    cheers guys and the calibration stays spot on ?
  4. Fj 20 Speedo

    just tryin to find out what is involved in getting my factory speedo and taco in my 1600 to work with an fj and manual box any help cheers
  5. Datsun 1200 Turbo

    WTF???? you lost one of the centre caps off my wheels dude not cool :spiteful:
  6. Just My Luck

    " border=0> reairable??? not this shell check out the bonnet gap photos do no justice
  7. Sdc Megalong Valley Summer Cruise

    screw it i dont care if mines in primer with rust holes everywhere im comin next time
  8. Kandos Street Machine

    if you owned shauns car would you wanna bee seen in it :rofl: doesnt that blu just scream homo
  9. Kandos Street Machine

    so johny you gonna bitch out on kandos as well?? :clapping:
  10. Kandos Street Machine

    he he me tooo bring a blanket this time meat head, xr6 in the grass events yeah :yahoo: no shaun i will not go in the burnouts
  11. 1600 Crash

    condolences what a waste of life and car lets just hope the media doesnt make a martyr of him, let the family greive
  12. Datsun 1200 Turbo

    hey dude so the ute was a good purchase?? any news on plates??
  13. Volvo Brakes

    i got a 740 volvo i think, at my disposal. it has the 4 piston calipers on the front and singles on the back the car is being scrapped and i was keen to get the brakes, has anyone done this conversion and is it worth the hassle??? at the mo i have standard 1600 struts i think, whats involved and should i think about getting the master cylinder as well, this is pretty bulky. im not new to working on cars but i am new to adapting parts to fit other models so cheers for any help
  14. ca18det ute

    not guilty your honor i plead mentally handicapped
  15. ca18det ute

    he paid a fortune for those 26 inc chasers and the pink walls are a one off also