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  1. JimJam

    Blue Pig 1600

    yeah mate I questioned him on that one, said a sticker with horn symbol or a "H" or something, weird I know, but a pretty easy one to fix. hey Dattostooge, yeah not to bothered, on the home stretch now, nothing major to do, biggest job will be connecting the heater up and that's pretty easy,
  2. JimJam

    Park Lights?

    Ah cheers for that, never knew that
  3. JimJam

    Blue Pig 1600

    failed. oh well have a small list now, nothing to major, just little fiddly things. park lights, fuel smell brake hoses touch the strut at full lock, label on the horn front seats dont slide forward and back freely enough for his liking. Heater to blow hot air
  4. JimJam

    Park Lights?

    My car didn't pass DPI inspection yesterday due to not having park lights. As far as I'm aware 1600s never had park lights that could be switched on individually. all the 1600's Ive had in the past have operated the same, headlights and high beams and that's it. can anyone confirm this is factory standard, and next thing how do I prove this to DPI.
  5. JimJam

    Blue Pig 1600

    All approved by engineer booked into DPI for Tuesday inspection, so fingers crossed they pass everything
  6. damn thats clean. looks great, any more pics or info?
  7. JimJam

    New Years Resolutions

    rego. then lots of cruising,
  8. JimJam

    Ex Gun16?

    interior is a shame, different tastes I guess,
  9. JimJam

    Blue Pig 1600

    sadly not. engineer went to hospital, so he is out of action for awhile, but I'm in no rush, have waited 6+ years whats another month
  10. JimJam

    !datsun Sr1600!

    looking good mate I'm liking the boot
  11. JimJam

    Blue Pig 1600

    big session working on the datto over the weekend, finally got a new gearbox crossmember in and sorted, decided to just buy one, since the engineer didn't like the fabbed up one. Still a bit of work to get it to fit properly. checked all lights indicators and everything is working ready for rego also fitted new control arm bolts and general tidy up of wiring, now back to engineer next week,
  12. JimJam

    1972 Datsun 1600 - S15 Sr20Det - D A T T O

    Thermostat ? could be blocked or seized. cheap and easy to change, I'd do it for piece of mind as well.
  13. JimJam

    1972 Datsun 1600 - S15 Sr20Det - D A T T O

    ah congrats mate, must feel awesome to have it on the road after such a long build.
  14. JimJam

    My Datsun's Not Finished Because......

    some impressive reno's there, houses + new kiddies slows the datto progress down a lot, not to mention the datto doesn't get any funds allocated to it these days. I'd rather play with the kids as well Max I feel your pain with the pink house, we had pink walls, doors and carpet, must have been very fashionable back in the day.