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  1. Sdc July Cruise

    Great day our guys, not even the rain dampened it.......... By fwarfy at 2012-07-21 By fwarfy at 2012-07-21
  2. Sdc July Cruise

    Yep I'm in, been a while since I've had the old girl out so see you there!
  3. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Hi Mark, Me and the missus will be making the trip down. So if you could book us in for a single room, that'd be great, Fwar
  4. Check out this link a mate of mine sent me. Apparently Nissan have confirmed production of Datsun badged vehicles for 2014! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2117745/Nissan-motors-New-generation-Datsun-cars-set-hit-road-2014.html
  5. Sdc Summer Cruze - Maybe Long

    Yep, I'm in
  6. Hey Todd, Where's you're surge tank mounted?? I had fuel smell issues too so what I did was relocate the surge tank to underneath with a SW surge tank. I also replaced all the lines. Once I did this, the stong fuel smell went, but after years of fuel smell in the car, the smell still lingured. So I then steam cleaned all the carpets and left it outside to dry for the day. Vola, no more fuel smell!
  7. Awesome day guys and the massive turn out reflects how good an event it really was. Big thanks to Chuck and Mark for all the work they, and the rest of them team put in
  8. Footner Motorsport

    Does anyone know if Footner Motorsport still exists?? I believe they use to be out of Adelaide but I can't seem to find anything on them anymore. Specifically, I have one of their air/ fuel ratio meters but no instruction manual or idea on how to hook it up Thanks
  9. Fj20Det Speedo Sensor

    Thanks, I've got a few people telling me similar things so it sounds like I'm off to the wreckers this weekend!
  10. Fj20Det Speedo Sensor

    Hoping someone out there can help me with my problem. Currently my Datsun 1600 is running an FJ20det with the standard Datsun dash, which in turn means that the speedo is driven via a cable from the FJ20 gearbox. I want to updrade to an electronic speedo but I'm not sure what sender I'll need to to convert the connection from cable to electronic pulse out of the gearbox. Can anybody help ??