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  1. SR20Datsun

    S14 Sr20Det Revs Dropping...help

    Also clean out your IACV. It may be full of oily gunk, stopping the car from idling properly. I had kind of similar issues with my car.
  2. SR20Datsun

    72' Gl 510 Grandpa Spec Glory Thread

    $hit fella, sorry to hear about the accident and see the damage to the datto. Glad you are ok though and you weren't at fault. Agree with what was said above. Baz usually can help with statement of what the car is worth. Do you think you'll start another project?
  3. SR20Datsun

    Castrol Q&a Thread.

    WTF? This guy done a runner?
  4. SR20Datsun

    Castrol Q&a Thread.

    Umm.... Bump? Anyone out there?
  5. SR20Datsun

    Project 510 - 1972 Datsun 1600, SR20DET Conversion

    Got any photos of the cage and how it interacts with the dash? Looks good from what I've seen BTW!
  6. SR20Datsun

    Whiteline Strut Brace

    Hey Matt, I maybe wrong but Nik suggested that his cross member is a DIY crossmember, maybe his doesnt hold the engine up as much as ours(datsport)? The reason I wanted to ask you guys, its a case that if I order the brace, its a special order, and if its deemed not to fit i will be unable to get a refund. There is too much uncertanty for me, i guess I will just move on and not worry about it Thanks guys. I think mine is pretty close to the Datsport 200B cross member. I have a mate who has a similar setup, and his motor sits about the same height. The good thing about the whiteline strut brace is you can raise it slightly by undoing the side bolts and just rotating it. I think i've got about 1" clearance, which is plenty. I think you should be fine. (famous last words...)
  7. SR20Datsun

    Whiteline Strut Brace

    I'm running S14 SR20DET with home built Datsport DIY front end, and it clears if you face it backward. (quite nicely too I might add) Got any more questions, PM me.
  8. SR20Datsun

    Castrol Q&a Thread.

    I've got a couple...(or maybe more ) 1. Do you recommend Molybdenum Disulphide (such as Liqui Moly products) as oil additives to reduce friction, decrease wear and increase engine longevity? 2. Due to API SM and SN slowly decreasing the maximum amount of ZDTP (Zinc and phosphorus) as an additive in engine oils, are you considering using another product like MoS2 or organic Mo when future API ratings come out? 3. One of your competitors lists their 10W40 full synthetic as having 1240ppm of Zinc. What does the equivalent Castrol oil use? 4. Can you detail any Castrol products that contain ester based oils? 5. What group of synthetic oil would you recommend for the hydraulic lifters in the SR20DET? I noticed you mentioned using mineral oils or group II oils for roller rockers for example. NOTE: the SR20DET has oil squirters on the pistons too. 6. Can you comment on the previous use of normal mineral based oils in my engine (SR20DET) and then I start to use synthetics? Supposedly oil seals exposed to mineral oils and then to synthetic oils causes the seals to swell. Also, the higher detergents in synthetic oils cause the beneficial sealing carbon deposits to be removed, potentially increasing oil use? Admittedly my engine has not had oil consumption problems, so I don't think this would be an issue. 7. Is it possible to use a Castrol race oil in a street driven car for better protection (say to drive to the track and then race for example)? I assume the race oils don't have to conform to the stricter regulations posed by API/SAE/ILSAC etc. I am interested in the best possible engine protection and performance without regard to conforming to SAE/API and ILSAC etc. specifications. Thanks in advance for the response!
  9. SR20Datsun

    Project 510 - 1972 Datsun 1600, SR20DET Conversion

    Holy sweet mother of Jesus Christ monkey balls. You don't really have to run an alarm. With the PDM all you have to do is configure so that when you turn the ignition switch, you press the horn button (but the horn is configured not to sound as it goes through the PDM, and perhaps flick a switch at the same time and the engine starts (as per the autospeed doc I put in above) So really the cost is pretty much justified, as you don't have to buy an alarm, just a horn for the PDM to act as an alarm. etc. Crazy stuff..
  10. SR20Datsun

    Project 510 - 1972 Datsun 1600, SR20DET Conversion

    What's the cost for a MoTeC Power Distribution Module box? http://autospeed.com.au/cms/title_MoTeCs-Power-Distribution-Modules/A_111402/article.html I would've thought you don't need an alarm! Just disconnect the MoTeC PDM and put it in your back pocket and nobody could figure out how to start the damn thing!
  11. SR20Datsun

    Project 510 - 1972 Datsun 1600, SR20DET Conversion

    You going to be running a resonator in the exhaust system? Or are you hoping the magnaflow (straight through?) is going to do the trick?