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  1. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Im in,hopefully cruising there in the 510 2door with the misses and 3 kids for a good bonding experience.Go Griswalds lol
  2. Sounds great Shaun ,im keen to make a weekend of it and stay in the hunter
  3. One of the best weekends ive had in ages,little blu wagon didnt miss a beat and looking forward to the next drive.Maybe the Nullabor this time lol
  4. Word on the street Chuck is your taking a spare gearbox,ill make sure i have 2slabs to drink while watching u change that on the side of the Great Ocean Rd
  5. Remember your hand held UHF radios for plenty of SHIT talk on the way .I will talk better Shit once their with a few Jimmys in me
  6. Ill be there ,hope the capaccino machine is working and the heater in Little Blu Wagon
  7. Had my suspcisions of a slighty blown head gasket on Little Blu Wagon for a while and drove it to work today to do a cyclinder leakage test and it was slighty leaking ,so off with head tomorrow,quick shave and were back in business.Also getting the radiator done and got all new door rubbers and baley channel to fit to cut down on the air coming thur the doors,nothing worse on a long trip apart from wheels being out of balance,which are already done
  8. Friday Night Drive-Ins (Blacktown Syd.) 16 March

    Just myself and the misses in the wagon and Peacock in his wagon,great movie with the datos a bonus
  9. As long as they serve cold beer and strong bourbons im happy,looks great Mr P
  10. Clutch Part No./type?

    Hey Andrew,all u need to know is does it have a high or low clutch cover depending on what throwout bearing carrier u have.You probaly wont know till u pull it out
  11. Great ocean rd there and Mildura run home seems great. Any idea what time we are planning on leaving Pheasents Nest, early start for more drinking time when we get their???