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  1. Huntley Hellclimb 19 Feb 2012

    Pity no dattos made it down, was a good day despite a couple of big offs. http://youtu.be/SBdhJq2qAS4
  2. Huntley Hellclimb 19 Feb 2012

    Entries now open
  3. Huntley Hellclimb 19 Feb 2012

    Anyone from here going? I'm going to head up for a run, haven't been there before but it looks fun from videos.
  4. Tcc Wakefield Track Day

    Congrats to Andrew on 1:09 and fastest "real" car :p http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?14/08/2011.WAKE.SS
  5. Tcc Wakefield Track Day

    Will be good to see you getting some awesome times in the 1600 Andrew! I don't let faster drivers in my car after last year lol I'll be there in the micra aiming to beat Ben's time of 1:20 in the 120y from nats
  6. Shitbox Rally 2012

    Hi guys, Will be driving our R31 from Melbourne to Cairns as part of the 2012 Shitbox Rally. The Rally raises money for the Cancer Council Australia and we are looking to raise at least $5000 before the rally. Donations over $2 are tax deductable so go to our fundraising page below and donate... please http://www.everydayhero.com.au/chasing_the_skyline
  7. 71 1600

    Now for sale, see classifieds
  8. Drifting / Burnouts This Friday Night

    Hi Tyrie, Hard to find time to get to those events, Haven't been before, But would love to watch or drive, ( Plus its 4 hours in driving time there and back, so makes a long day, if driving in an event, its worth it though,) Remind us when there on and then I can see if I can make it, Have you been before ? yep i went to the second last one at Wakefield. Awesome value for money at $170 for the day and shitloads of track time especially at the end of the day when all the drift cars are broken lol. last time they ran it as a joint drift/track day, I didnt make it to that one but from what i heard it went well. I dont think they have another one planned this year but are on the waiting list in case a day becomes free at wakefield.
  9. Drifting / Burnouts This Friday Night

    QIK510 are you going to come down for any Initial Drift days at Wakefield?
  10. 71 1600

    Also not going to Winton any more, am jacking the suspension up and doing khanacrosses instead
  11. 71 1600

    Yep I still think they are a good thing (have survived 2 years of abuse so far). See if he will sell them to you cheaper without the CV joints, then just buy your own german ones to complete the kit.
  12. 71 1600

    Finally after 10,000km of abuse the Wolf Creek CV's have failed. Is still drivable but at least one joint tends to partially lock up while driving. My local VW shop can get german Lobro CV's for $109ea. Will replace them so the car is ready for the Winton sprint day in July
  13. Whiteline Strut Brace

    Has anyone tested these strut braces to see how much reinforcement they provide? They look pretty flimsy to me...
  14. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2011

    Thanks mate, great pics! Found these two on facebook
  15. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2011

    www.imogenvideo.com Cheers, got a proof from him, some really good shots!