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  1. My 71 1600 Wagon FJ20ET

    as if you didn't like the attention anyhow Boo yeah Jon I love talking to tool bags and weirdos on a weekly basis... pfft bitch please
  2. My 71 1600 Wagon FJ20ET

    not for sale anymore.... go away and stop ringing me!!!!!
  3. My 71 1600 Wagon FJ20ET

    For sale, PM me if you are interested
  4. My 71 1600 Wagon FJ20ET

    Thanks guys! Martin - no videos unfortunately, Jeff was going to tape it but the batteries ran out on his camcorder. And it made 240kw on 19psi
  5. My 71 1600 Wagon FJ20ET

    Yes I finally made it into the 12sec club! :yahoo: Took it to wsid last night for a squirt after having it completely re-tuned by JEM a couple of weeks ago, was running about 15psi on street tyres, 1st run was 12.946 at 111mph, 2nd run 12.906 at 112mph, 3rd run 14.46 at 100mph (turned the boost down to 12psi), and 4th run 12.9?? at 116mph. I was not really too fussed on my reaction times just yet, I was focusing on just taking off at the right revs (that has always been my weak point I think), and after taking in some advice from Mark (DA75IN) and Jeff (SX510) my gear changes got better as the night went on also. From memory I think my 60ft times were about 2.4sec so I want to work on that next. My coach has suggested that I let my tyre pressure down and get some more heat into them to prevent wheelspin, but in order to do that I really need to get the tramping problem fixed first to keep the wheels down. So next I will be getting some tramp rods installed and the diff angled tweaked, practice taking off more to get my 60ft time down a bit more and give it another crack! But all in all I am stoked to actually crack it into the 12's where it should be
  6. Sdc Autumn Cruise Sunday 17th May 09

    I'm sure the SDC has another cruise planned in the very near future.. Heads up will be given at our next monthly meeting
  7. My 1600 On Tv

    I'll be watching for sure!!! Thats my favourite and only channel I ever watch!
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  9. 510 Wagon Cruiser

    Fkn sweet score Benny!! I'm way jealous, I absolutely love that wagon big time!! So good to see it up in Sydney and in good hands, cant wait to check it out at the next meeting
  10. Western Sydney Cruise

    Now now sunshine, dont go bringing up this petty "what if" shit to make yourself feel better, at the end of the day, I still belted you!!
  11. Western Sydney Cruise

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shonky, do I hear a lil bit of bitterness in your voice there sweetpea???? Is that cos I kicked your ass at every set of traffic lights last time we went for a cruise together??? :p bah ha ha
  12. Sydney Datsun Club Winter Dyno Day '08

    Sydney Datsun Club Winter Dyno Day '08
  13. Sdc Dyno Day

    Thanks guys Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.. Will put all my pics up later tonight
  14. Sdc Dyno Day

    You suck Jon
  15. Sdc Dyno Day