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    cars and currently house reno's
  1. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2011

    what time does the sho n shine run till??? i might come up for a look???
  2. Was lucky enought to score a few hot laps in this beast at powercruise..... and wow what a car it is... Its a credit to you mate well done on turning out such a refined tidy car... i'll return the favour next year!!!
  3. shit yeah that awesome power mate well done i'll come catch up with you at powercruise. got to have a look over this this in the flesh..
  4. Wardy's 1200 Sedan

    tough as mate love the look...
  5. YLD.510

    updates..... Here are a few photos. As you can see its once again rolling. Back wheels are 18x10's with a 295 tyre i went with this size as they are the cheapest larger size tyre i could find at 290 each and i plan on them not lasting long. race wheels are 15x10 with a 26x12 slick The advantages of going dry sump is not having to reverse the cross member. allthough it would be much easier. We have moved the engine back around the 90mm mark to help with space for pulleys for the dry sump pump and mechanical fuel pump. (e85 or methanol pump) The turbo is mocked up to make sure it fits, its a borg warner s366, check them out on hondas on youtube.... massive turbs you can see how far back the motor is as the inlet doesn't even go close to fitting. New tunnel with extra height and exhaust room.

    Thanks guys the car on the road is now really good raised it up a little and now have had it tuned on e85 with the auto on 27psi it made 503rwhp but i thoguht that was abit much boost so we put it back to 22psi and made 445rwhp... very happy with it. focus has now turned to the purple beast trying to get it togetherish...
  7. 1972 Datsun 1600 - S15 Sr20Det - D A T T O

    put it on e85 my car is on that now and constant running temp is now low 70's and on the dyno in 30 degree canberra wheather it only reached 82 plus you make more hp
  8. 1972 Datsun 1600 - S15 Sr20Det - D A T T O

    good work.....it must be a good feeling after all that time. Do you still want the clutch?
  9. Wsid

    Well Done PJ thats unreall..... i bet it feels crazy on the road..
  10. Show Us Yer Bike!

    Here is one my brother and I built for last summer its a 79 cb750 honda twin cam... We have made it into a rat bike with a jesse james harley tank mad it rigid lowering it by about 8" and rewired the whole thing to get rid of all the crap thats not needed. It goes alright to recently he raced one of our mates on his new rocker c harley and beat him which the guy was not happy with!!! Enjoy
  11. Gone With The 1200 In With The 1600

    tech screws probably, %#@! thats bad luck.. the guy who did that shit should be shot..
  12. SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    looking good there mate..
  13. huge fan mate,had heaps to say but cant pm ya or email.like i said big fan,cant believe i can even mail you.your car is one not easily forgotten,and i have a few dvds in the collection now that contain your dad and his car antics from way back,and now you.truly an honour to chat to ya bud,would love to have talk some time.im new to the dato's and could probly use some tips here and there.

  14. Gone With The 1200 In With The 1600

    seen this on ebay when the bid was 510 hahahah. got quite the collection
  15. My Datsun's Not Finished Because......

    My excuss is house reno's taking up all my time and money. Looking good therre jeff i just finished my bathroom reno off aswell. gee it was hard only having one bathroom in the house and trying to renovate it it took 4 long months with no shower... which ment every night my mrs and i went for a drive to her parents for one... We also have been working flat out on my old mans FC and my brother is building a house for himself (lic biulder) and I am his number 1 worker all the time... i'll get some photos of my reno's. i'm glad we are almost done.