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  1. Another South Aussie

    ahhh ur on here 2 doug from adelaide aswell here rides 180b sedan ,200b sedan Whats you building down there? 180B SSS , il get a project thread going when i get the time.
  2. Sr Speedo Drive

    im using a red mechanicle spedo drive in the box i believe its pintara!
  3. Series 2 Trx Disc Rear

    well u have a 8 bolt or a 10 bolt the ten bo,t is bigger and has a round yoke the 8 bolt like mine has a square yoke! i had to shorten my tailshaft to a length with a yoke to fit a 200b with bluey 5 speed with 8 bolt diff if u want a measurement let me know im shortening it for my sr !
  4. Series 2 Trx Disc Rear

    hey mate im using a 8 bolt trx rear disc diff in my 200b i just used a 3 mm thick plate to mount the aussie series 2 cable from teh 200b diff without the scissor arm there was a production change teh only prob u will face the braket is on teh other side of the hat than the series 2 200b if u need pics pm me!
  5. 1600 Crash

    may this aid in showing people how real cars can bend im a panelbeater and its scary to see what can roll in sometimes and when u see it first hand it puts you off its just sad to hear a story like this because i know what its like to be excited on every mod i do! i get a experienced driver my father to test and get the feel before i even turn the key and get advise on the changes i think it should pay to make, maybe a full defensive driving or something similar plus videos of severe accidents to make people realise how real it can be when they take there liscenses! i also used to work in assisting in making components for these conversions and when i see this is somewhat makes you think about what was i doing? I am realy sorry to hear guys may he rest in peace!!!!
  6. Datsport street cruiser (gentlemans carriage)

    like my work fellas? took 8 months which told from expert in restos is great time! still a few tidy ups as usual but not bad for not qualified i reckon i finished up recently to work on other cars like gts ect but go the dattos love em got 2 myself next is a 72 180b resto going strong another saved from the scrap heap
  7. T'racys Stanzas

    and i did the body work hahahahaa i would of welded it personaly a datsun deserves better like my ones! metal not plastic!
  8. Where Is Everyone?

    another adelaide datsun owner here light blue modified 200b sedan
  9. hi everyone just wondered if anyone knows if u can find a detailed tech manual on the non turbo version of the s14 sr20de all i can find is the turbo one?
  10. Datsun 200B GX

    "word corrected"
  11. Datsun 200B GX

    i agree i have been doing up a 200b for 7 yrs she has l20b 5 speed twin 40s and extractors now going sr20de vvt and no one realy comments people with shitter dattos dont realy say much only pick the car