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  1. Sl33pe's New Engine Ca20det

    Hi fellas. Very interesting reading this. I've been running a CA20DET (CA20 block & S13 CA18DET head) in my S12 Gazelle up here in Qld. How is you car going? Any more progress on the CA?
  2. FJ20E(T) Wiring Loom Diagram

    I made this ECU loom WD up a while ago to suit a 910 bluey with an FJ20E or FJ20ET - http://www.turbocreations.com/fj20/timswir...ing_Diagram.pdf Original FJ20ET WD - http://www.turbocreations.com/fj20/brettsw...gram/FJ20ET.pdf I used the FJ20ET diagram as a start and added the FJ20E modifications, also checked wire colours, plug numbers, etc.
  3. rear coilovers

    Hi all, new guy here. I know this isn't exactly what's been discussed here but it's related. In our S12 Gazelle forums, one member has remade his rear towers to use S13 rear coilovers by removing the live axle shock towers and making a box section to replace them... I'm about to do the same with mine as I've seen his car in action and the difference is huge compared to my Kings low springs and hilux 4x4 shocks. I doubt the shock tower would be strong enough to handle the load and the trailing arm bushes cop a hiding with this mod as well, so rose jointing is also needed, which may casue issues come rego time. For a track car with a live axle, this is the best thing I've seen so far.