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  1. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2011

    Exhaust is getting finished today..Tuners this arvo hopefully done by tomo arvo. Trailer up cause i have no plates, rego or engineers cert. yet...
  2. Waximproved's 1972 Datsun 1600 Fj20et Project

    Nice ! The cut & shut mani looks like how Fil used to do his on YUL05E. There are actually quite a few 1600's locked up in garages around the ACT with turbo conversions that are waiting to be finished i must know of atleast half a dozen ! Maybe one day when we finnaly finish some we'll take em for a cruise, all i seem to see now days is 1200's !!
  3. TeeJays 1600

    UPDATE !!! Since last year i have Turbo'd the FJ20e which suprisingly made quite decent power. Enough power infact to send me flying up a twisty mountain road only to find nice slimey water running over it and sliding straight into an embankment causing the car to roll on its roof. Scratch one datsun 1600 i'd never thought i could kill one but i have and am deeply sorry for my efforts. But on the brighter side a new car has come up for sale which i purchased just before xmas and have already started the re-construction. Pics of both cars to come soon. Will keep you all updated. TJ
  4. 1600 speedo ratio's

    In my car with FJ20 box and... -4.875 R180 80mph=100kmh -4.11 R180 60mph=100kmh
  5. Summernats 2008

    Just got back from scruitineering at the horse track.. spotted RX510 and a orange 1600 with white wheels off in the distance.. and heaps of other stuff non datsun related... looks like its gunna be a good weekend we are entered in all the grass events so should be fun with over 350rwhp and the horespower hero's apparently they do the 4cyl's early so get in if u wanna see a datto spin some numbers.. if not see the rest of you at the meet on sat morn.
  6. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    Went for a quick run in the completed car yesty.... VERY impressed with performance esp. with such a big turbo.. certainly left one xr8 ute owner with a sad look on his face and a smile on his g/f's It Just wants to leave the road and take off when it comes on boost !!! next mod retractable wings and that was only on a lowly 15psi !! its tuned for 25
  7. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    Dyno run for all to see. Coming soon @ Summernats 08'
  8. Wakefield Park 14th October 2007

    I went last time it was freezing still and only 2 datsuns(510's) Hopefully a nice sunyday with a few more datto's this time..
  9. 14th september Canberra datsun meet

    Wats wrong with night fitzy ? Most of our dattos need darkness to hide imperfections cept for yours i spose
  10. 14th september Canberra datsun meet

    Count me in again last time was pretty sweet.. Hopefully there will be more mighty 16's this time.
  11. Summernats 2008

    hahahaha yea it was pretty silly but hey DATTOs+SUMMERNATS=BURNOUT FEVER !!
  12. Summernats 2008

    I knows its a few months away but, anyone on here planning to go ?? I've already scored myself a buddypass in SLY1600's fj20t 510 Theres also rumors of another datto meet this time bigger and better hopefully !!
  13. datsun 1600 FJ20 turbo

    Hopefully you'll go full custom mani and new turbo so some turbo bits might float my way
  14. TeeJays 1600

    Update ! Painted TRX rims white looks much better now.... Too bad tonight some ASSHOLE in a gunmetal grey AU falcon xr8 UTE decided to run me off the road on my way home form work. Now i have 2 %#@!edrims, bent strut/stub axle and who knows what else!! Looks like im on the parts chase i'll post what i need next week sometime when i get a chance to inspect the damage...
  15. meet this friday (13th July)

    It's next to lake burley griffin an area called "capital space" i belive there was a competition some years ago for ppl to design the area some were really crazy (i got all the losers entrys at my work).