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  1. Sdc Cruise To Wings Over Illawarra 5.05.2013

    Lets hope the petition we signed to get the FA-18 back to this years event was succesfull ... the noise
  2. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    I noticed the oil on the road brad
  3. Phillip Island Nissan / Datsun

    No entries are available yet , hopefully wont be too long
  4. Sydney Datsun Club Xmas Camping Weekend 2012.

    Was a great Saturday .. checked out the skyline drags and drifting , then went back to graeme's for some shenanigans and a BBQ There was some testing of vehicles Pushed to the limits some tyres came off When the cars were resting , someones gun came out
  5. Sdc - St Albans Cruise Sunday 21 Oct 2012

    Brad the builder told me to put a few Ks on the box before loading it up hard , so i done 500 on that day so it should be good to go
  6. Sdc - St Albans Cruise Sunday 21 Oct 2012

    Run was great , pub was great ... some of the driving was questionable Was stopped under the direction of the RFS who were back burning , only to have a car come out behind me and race through to the disbelief of myself and the fireys ... FFS its not a track day , and all this does is make the club look bad in the public eyes
  7. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    Alternate venue's is a good idea
  8. PJ .. after all the encouragement from others i got a 12.7 @ 117 and 12.6 @ 118 with the slippery kumho's on
  9. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    why should the committee decide where we meet , without members there is no club , its obvious attendance is way down from cabra .. So how about let the paying members vote on where we meet .. We the members were told the move to prospect was a TEMPORARY soloution . The golf club is free again , get our attendance back up and get the club moving forward. . there are no pokies around where we sit at cabra anymore and its not hard to turn the tvs off .. This discussion has been brought up at the meetings but was brushed asside and whats the point of bringing it up at the meeting when only 15 members turn up ... I suggest we the members get the opportunity to vote through a mail out therefore all members could have there say instead of the 15 that turn up ... I challenge the committee to reveal the attendance between the 2 venues as this will show what everyone already knows ... Membership attendance is down at prospect
  10. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    I hear that the cabra golf club no longer holds poker night ... can we open up this can of worms and look at moving back there
  11. Sdc July Cruise

    Sounds like another cruise day mark , im in
  12. Sdc July Cruise

    Yeh brad , i got to casula and it was gone , ordered another ebay replacment ... Adam im suprised you could get on here and type after your hands were frozen , the lack of heater must be 510 spec
  13. See you all in the morning
  14. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    Sounds like a bloody good idea