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  1. so is it the route above on the 11th? is that the sdc xmas cruise? and observation run means you have to spot various things along the way? im keen for a cruise anyway but should go somewhere we can crank hoops and so forth... and the first post says keep the 10th free..
  2. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    hahaha yeh boy!
  3. Ebay Junky's??

    hhahahaha You should grab em bro...
  4. Ebay Junky's??

    hahahahaha thats worse than this guy... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NISSAN-DATSUN-180B-STEERING-WHEEL-VERY-GOOD-CONDITION-/190421430605?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c5600714d
  5. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    good work shaun. pics or it didnt happen
  6. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    Solid as man good to hear.. keen to see it out and about.. any pics?
  7. Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    Having issues with my car, maybe fuel ,maybe ignition.. is intermittent, thought it was fixed but its back. got it booked in at rigolis next week... So wont be making the cruise or the weekend at bathurst..... someone make sure they get some onboard video of panorama so i can see wat i missed....
  8. Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    Ok great thanks for the info dave and greame i might give you a buzz tomorrow.. thanks again..
  9. Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    sweet so the hill climb and supersprints are a separate thing hay? do i need to be a club member to enter..? I live in the blue mountains so would join in as the crew passed through.. just wanna drive the mountain
  10. Bathurst Xmas Weekend Sat 4Th December 2010

    can i still get in on this?? do i need to be a sydney datsun club member? ive just never got round to it.. dont mind if theres no accomodation.. just wanna drive... will drive up on the day or sleep in the car.. i dont mind...
  11. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    Nice shed mate! im going in the b - see you there..
  12. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    They change the date man.. see new poster.. apparently the weather was going to be shit.. it is on the 14th November now...
  13. My 1200

    looking good mate.. if you wanted to sell the plenum and fuel rail separate from the motor i would be keen... could maybe swap a stock one and some $ ?
  14. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    Whats the lesson of the day...... Dont trust the weather forecast...
  15. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    sweet the 14th it is...