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  1. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Its been a few months. I went on holiday for 2 months so missed 2 rounds. Upon return and no sale of the car and rego ran out I needed to logbook it before the last round/nationals. So I had 3 weekends to make and install a cage and do all the other bits for logbooking. I managed to get it all done and the logbook arrived the Monday before. Ally cage weighed maybe 10kgs and the steel cage weighs 50kgs. I decided to buy some new tyres as I was sick of heatcycling killing any chance I had of running a quick time after the first session. I ended up buying 245/45/16 Hankook Z214s in medium. They are 20mm thinner and 15mm higher so both contribute to slower times. Im hoping they go close to the old times. I did Targa High Country again in the Porsche. We had an issue on day 1 and missed 4 stages. At the nationals the car was epic understeer from the new setup and I did 1.06.3 in the first session on Saturday so was super excited about what was to come. It then rained so no more edecent times on Sat. Somehow I didn't manage to beat that time on SUnday with quickest again 1.06.3. I was convinced it would do a 5 easily. Anyway I ended up 3rd in class by 0.1secs and 0.4secs back to 4th so was pretty close. So I finished the season in 2nd and 3rd at the Nationals which is pretty sweet.
  2. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Thanks mate. Just build another one. Same idea just doing it all again properly without RTA rules getting in the way. Probably won't ever happen though. No one will buy this to find it. Stupid Lotto has come up with the goods yet either.
  3. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Not a great deal to report. Had another day at SMP North. Great weather, but no PBs. 1.12.7 The tyres had seen 3 rounds and weren't much good to me. Good fun though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nilhfCCcklc Went to SDC dyno day at Unique Autosports. First time on a dyno in anger. 253rwkw 25psi Car now also now for sale. Current rough specs are: Rego until October NSW Engineered Forged CA18DET first rebuild ~2010 New rings and bearings 6 months ago Forged ACL pistons Forged Spool rods Tomei poncams Adjustable camgears ID1000 injectors 044 pump GT2871 52t 0.64 3" exhaust 250rwkw on E85 Nistune oil cooler LS2 coils Shortened 200b struts 300lb springs on coilovers Z31 Koni yellow inserts T3 adjustable camber tops Adjustable LCAs T3 adjustable castor rods Custom 26mm 3 way adjustable swaybar Evo 9 4 piston callipers 330x32 rotors EBC yellow pads Rebuilt SR gearbox new bearings Cryo frozen gears and shafts Exceedy button clutch Custom 3' tailshaft R200 4.36 Kaaz 2way LSD CVs Axisa billet axles Custom adjustable xmember 8 way adjustable kyb shocks 1600lb springs Custom 20mm 3 way adjustable Flares 4 15x6 +30 5 16x9 +0 mesh 2 16x7.5 +24 BBS mesh 2 16x8.5 +27 Buddyclub 2 16x7.5 +32 Buddyclub 2 17x8 ~+30 BBS RS one damaged 2 17x7 ~+30 BBS RS 4 265/605/16 Dunlop slicks 2 265/45/16 v70a 2 225/45/16 v70a 2 225/50/15 M/T drag radials Current track PBs Wakefield 1.06.0 SMP GP 1.45.7 SMP North 1.11.5 SMP Long 2.11.0 SMP South 1.03.0 WSID 11.3@122 125 top mph
  4. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Back at Wakefield last weekend for the Thornleigh Car Club sprint. As usual a flawlessly run day with heaps of track time if cars not broken. SDC had several entrants. Great to be on the track with so many datto's again. I stiffened the rear springs since last time hoping to eliminate slight understeer. Dont think it worked as the car understeered way more than last time, but that may just be me trying too hard. I was struggling with it all day. I ended up with a quickest lap of 1.07.2 and 5th outright. Had i run a pb i would have been 1st outright. Went off the end of the strait in the 4th session into the kitty litter and smashed the splitter frame and cracked the guard flare. Thanks to Tyrie
  5. 72 CA18 1600, Project Car

    Awesome mate. What a beast. How fast is your bosses falcon you have to beat?
  6. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Were you the guy in the Datsun shirt? You should have said hi. What's the plans for your CA?
  7. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Another update for an audience of 0. Seems Datnet has died a slow death at the hands of Facebook. Anyway i entertain myself writing these very indepth updates. Another promo vid fron Nulon with a few secs of me. Has round 2 SS at Wakefield last weekend. No real changes from last year other than front swaybar at softest and rear at hardest. Rain threatened and it had been raining but i got 3 sessdons before the car broke. First session the car felt sluggish and it seems the boost controller wasnt working so 16psi. It was actually really nice to drive the car not on the brink of breaking traction. Laps were smooth and consistant. Best of 1.07.7. Second session i put the MBC back on and it was running about 22psi. I did 2 laps with traffic before the hot side IC pipe blew off. I did a best of 1.06.1 somehow on my second lap. 3rd session i had traffic and was trying too hard i think. I came off several times including a nice spin at the end of the strait. It felt so slow and easy compared to that spin at Eastern Creek. Best lap 1.06.9 When i parked and got out of the car there was a quickly growing oil slick from under the car. One of the guys in my group said i was blowing some pretty hectic smoke the last few laps. Turns out the alloy oil pressure sender adaptor block had cracked at the thread into the engine block. Boo. So long way from home and broken. I decided to attempt to patch it for the drive home. sealant in the alloy hole followed by a self tapper followed by a blob of steel chemweld stuff. Mission success. The drive home was mental though. After Bulahdelah the rear tyres were pretty beaten and the front have been pretty beaten for quite a while. So driving in the heavy rain i was all over the place. Anyway i made it ok. https://youtu.be/xD9S6Z0W9JU
  8. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    I did my first hillclimb the last weekend. Nulon Nationals. Its a 4 round series for 9 car clubs + 5 Nulon cars. 5 cars from each club. I was invited to run for HSVOC. This was round 2 at Bulahdelah. 2 days of perfect weather. I want sure how the car would go on street surfaces but it went well. I finished 23/50 and 1st from HSVOC.
  9. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Thanks Going fast on the track is nothing like the street. Track surface is so flat and smooth.
  10. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    At the last event at Wakefield last year the car started missing. I thought it would just be a vac hose or something. It turned into low compression so i pulled the motor and stripped it. It was probably due for a freshen up anyway. New rings and bearings. Turns out 4 of the inlet valves were totally worn. So i put it all back in with new valves. I took it to SMP GP a few weeks ago for a run in. After the first session the timing belt snapped so i got my first ever ride home in a tow truck. It was raining + slicks = not much good The timing belt snapped when it was idling so luckily no damage it seems. Replaced that and back at SMP GP for R1 of this years supersprint. I felt i didnt have any grip all day. My fastest session was the first as usual 1.46.9 There was a presentation after for last year. I was 3rd in Sports Sedans 2-4L Last November i also did a Targa High Country. This was an awesome experience as a navigator in my uncles 73 911 RS. Unfortunately we DNF from a cracked oil line.
  11. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Wakefield last weekend. It was a great day out. I had convinced myself that i have too much body roll going on. So i had some thicker swaybars made up. Now 20 rear adjustable 26 front adjustable. They turned up last Thursday so i barely had time to throw them in and make some links to suit. Anyway i set them both in the middle of adjustment and had the shocks set to hardest. First session traction felt great but there was heaps of understeer. Best 1.06.0 - 1 sec off pb i then tried to change the front bar to softest setting, but turns out i have to take the splitter off to do this and by the time i worked this out i didnt have time before next session. So i just moved the front shocks to softest. Noticeably less understeer, but still present. I didnt get a clean lap, with traffic holding me up west of 1.06.4. I left the suspension as is for the rest of the day. Next session 1.06.1 then 1.06.3 in the last. Grip was pretty consistent all day but as usual couldnt beat my first session time. First session: Second session: Third session
  12. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    I ended up getting a month of work. It was sweet. There was nothing at all wrong with me but apparently i was contagious. So i watched every game of the soccer world cup and played with the datto. Its all 1 colour now. SMP Brabham went ok but not as good as previous event. The day started well but traction quickly went downhill. I ended up with fastest 2.11.6 from the first session. I finally pulled my finger out and bought a fire suit and HANS. SMP GP last weekend. Good fun day but still fastest session was still the first. 1.45.6 Some of the competition Wakefield in a few weeks. Keen as
  13. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    I forgot to mention what happened to the gearbox. The 5th gear - reverse gear shaft snapped clean. I was out at SMP North last weekend. Was a great day at the track. The weather was a bit average with a little early rain and rain threatening all day and strong winds. I managed to put a splitter together in time. Its acp panel with a 20mm square alloy frame that bolts to the front chassis rail and the back of the xmember. I also put a brace in the middle of the rear wing. A note on handling from last time. I did a wheel allignemt again and found the rear right arm was completely free to move through its camber and toe adjustment. This is obviously why it was a nightmare to drive. I was blaming the tyre pressures but this was it. i ended up with front: camber -2-4 range, set it at -2.5 castor +6.5 toe 2mm out each swaybar at its stiffest shocks at their stiffest rear: camber -1.5 toe 4mm in each swaybar in the middle shocks at their stiffest tyres at 28psi hot So the car was amazing to drive. By far the best its ever been. No noticeable understeer or oversteer. Eastern Creek has walls on every corner so pushing the limits isnt an option but i kept giving it more and it was taking it. I cant wait to get back to wakefield where i can give it 110% I ended up with a best time of 1.11.5. I was consistently 5kmph slower than last time which i initially thought was the extra drag from the splitter, but the wind was howling back up the strait and several people mentioned they were way down on top speed too. A few of the laps from the last session. Next is SMP Long in a month. Nothing really to do on the car, but i have just been diagnosed with TB and have been home quarantined for 3 weeks so im sue ill find plenty to fiddle with on it. It might even turn 1 colour.... outrageous!
  14. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Been a while. Since last post i have been pottering away. I rebuilt the gearbox with a spare shaft and new bearings. I cryo froze all the metal parts inside. Not sure if that would do anything but was $50. The summer mod plan was wider tyres on the front and a bit of aero. I had to slightly widen the front flares. Before the racing season started i did a drift day with SDC. I sucked at drifting and managed to clean snap both axles. First time in 15 years i have ever not driven home from a track day in 1 piece. Turns out there was a big dip in the track that when hitting it at speed and turning the rear swaybar was bottoming out on the axles. Had new unbreakable axles made by Mark Axisa to replace the broken unbreakable axles . Quality is insane. Was a pretty $$ day out though. Fast forward a few months to Round 1 at Wakefield. So i was very unsure as to how the car would handle now. It now has 265/605 Dunlop 2nd hand slicks on each corner and i added a rear wing. I did a wheel alignment to end up with approx: front castor 6.5deg; camber -2.5 to -5 range; 3mm toe out each side. rear whatever it used to be. The car handled pretty well, only noticeable difference was the high speed understeer due to the rear wing lifting the front. At wakefield this is pretty easy to counter with trail braking. Overall grip felt better with noticeable difference getting on the power out of corners and through the fishhook. Best of the day 1.07.0 which is 1 sec quicker than previous. I think it was more due to the wing and smaller rear tyre diameter than actual change to full slicks. The old rear tyres are 645 diameter, so the change to 605 is the equivalent of going from a 3.9 to 4.3 diff ratio. i started the day with -5 camber as ide read slicks usually like lots and aimed at 32psi hot as i couldnt find any info on rough pressures. The inside of the tyres was way hotter so i took some camber out, didnt measure but maybe down to -4. The inside was still hotter but i didnt change it again. For the last session i took the rear wing off and it turned into an oversteering beast. Ide say mix of less rear down force and front suspension not stiff enough. It was 1.7 secs slower in that session. Gopro had issues so no decent footage. Round 2 at SMP GP. I didnt change too much, i started making a splitter but didnt finish it. I turned up the boost a bit, now around 21psi. It was a good day out in the end. I went 4 secs faster than last time. 1.47.4 My fastest lap of the day was my very first hot lap where i had no confidence in the tyres at all and was braking early and coasting around. Everything i tried throughout the day just saw the times going backwards. This is my first 2 laps This is a later session As you can see alot of sideways action and generally not much grip. The rear wing adds alot of drag. I have been told by a few different guys at the track they lost up to 20kmph on the strait here. I am 2 kmph faster than last year so the extra 1psi and smaller rear tyres are making a big difference. At the end of the second last session i was black flagged. Apparently the wing was flexing and bowing in the middle too much and they were worried it may snap. I took the wing off for the last session and ended up spinning on the first hot lap at 230kmph at the end of the strait. I didnt finish the lap so the gps data didnt save. Pretty lucky to get away with that 1. 4 flat spots is all, lucky they are only $50ea. I have since bought another set of tyres and got some more info on them. They shoudnt be at any more than 28psi and were probably overheating the rears hence grip continually fading. SMP North in 2 weeks so im going to finish the splitter, take out some camber and try lower pressures.
  15. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Super fully sik update time Out at SMP North the other day for round 7. Finished 33/97 and 1.13.2 best lap. Was starting to get used to the new couple of turns but blew 5th gear. Owell the box has been in the car for several years of abuse without being touched. Ill pull it out and see whats wrong, before fixing it and im going to cryo freeze it before reinstall. Im going to strip the engine and have a look at the bearings and bores. Its only done about 10k since rebuild so all should be good. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=bZzTbW7sJa8