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  1. Ebay Junky's??

    People quick to jump on the bullshit bandwagon. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Bluebird-510-SSS-72-grille-Datsun-1600-JDM-73-/280668651097?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item415927be59
  2. Ebay Junky's??

    Tell him his DREAMING. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/DATSUN-1600-DOORS-DOOR-/250808718274?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a655d53c2
  3. i think its time for you to buy a datto!!!!!


    HAHAHAHA. Couldn't of happen to a better car.
  5. facebook...

    Girlfriend wont let me use it, says its just away for people pick up. DAMN wish I was single
  6. Sdc Track Day Sunday 9th August 2009

    Initial drift have had a few days here and they are restricted to 90db. The sound meter is on the track and records your DB. External gate cars may not be allowed, As there has been problems before with them.
  7. 1. After taking out a morgage in 2002 that meant No money for anything. 2. Lose of licence from 2004-2007 meant no motivation 3. Not having a garage, and having the car stored all around sydney for 9 years meant no motivation. 4. Im no longer a datto owner So have no excuses any more.
  8. Definitely want to see pics of Luis and jason cars. post them up guys.
  9. Stretched Datsun 1600 ?

    GOD pete, Did you just wake up from a time capsule? :lazy: LOL It was for sale back around 98 at rare spares for 8k. A mate of mine put a deposit on it but changed his mind. It sold for $7500 I think but was fairly battered. Then the owner went all out on it and put all the leather, and wine holders in it and made it look like a respectable limo. Then i think it sold around 2004 for a undisclosed. I think some one on here was buying it a few years ago. Curious to know aboout a update on it.
  10. Stretched Datsun 1600 ?

    I thought I read somewhere the guy was putitng a SR in the limo? I may of dreamt it. lol
  11. Rip Waitup

    I beleieve the guy your talking about bought the coupe that was on ebay a few months ago. Its going to be a machine if thats the case.
  12. Charity Cruise - Victorian Fires!, Short Notice

    yeah I believe it should be rather big, The newcastle guys are meeting us at terrigal. SO should be a good turn out. As for the police, I dont think they should give anyone a hard time. Its for a genuine cause, But if people drive silly they run the risk of getting pumped.
  13. Details here. http://datnet.org/Charity-Cruise-Victorian...5569#entry35569
  14. Charity Cruise - Victorian Fires!, Short Notice

    I'll be there in the G/F's R34.