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  1. hi i curently have 240k rear drums in my car and want to upgrade to a disc brake package i only want to buy one that is bolt in so far i have found the ones at Datsport and maddat not sure which ones to go with, i dont want them overly big as i have 15" wheels i have herd from people that they have still had to modify ones that claim they are bolt in i appreciate any comment from people who have put rear disc brake on there 1600 and hope they point me in the right direction ps my car has a standard sr20det all engineered would i need to re-engineer the whole car after i put discs on it? thanks nick
  2. 7urb0

    Buying New Wheels Help Wanted

    really are we talking about the same wheels http://www.google.co...82&tx=114&ty=63 i just got quoted from work-wheels $610 per wheel (without tyres) with gold center $2440 all up (faaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrkkkk)
  3. 7urb0

    Buying New Wheels Help Wanted

    now im thinking of gold work meister s1 what do you all think and where would be a good place to buy them from (NSW)
  4. 7urb0

    Buying New Wheels Help Wanted

    yeah i was going to go with them but i have seen a red datsun with the gold wheels on it so dont want to copy
  5. hi all datnet members i have recently bought my self a datsun 1600 at the moment it has 15" trx wheels on it and is running coilover suspension from what i have worked out (not 100% sure) the trx wheels are 15 x 5.5 + 32 which sit really close the the struts i am looking at buying some new wheels for the car possibly 15x7 from what i worked out the highest offset i can run without pushing the wheels closer to the struts is +13 so for sizing i was thinking 15x7+13 for the fronts 15x7+0 for the rears (or +13 i dont really want to roll the guards) for wheels style looking at work equip 03 polished/black or black (superlite) style wheels your thoughts on wheel size and style would be greatly appreciated http://imageshack.us.../dscf0421f.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../dscf0413x.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../dscf0410a.jpg/