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  1. Fj20 Timing Chain

    hey guys i did a bit of a search but couldnt find anything I have a FJ20 in my 1600 and im looking at replacing the timing chain. gonna do it myself and have been searching for a guide or an article with some info on it anyone know of one? or have any tips or tricks for doing it? any info would be awesome. thanks
  2. Work Done On An Fj

    Hey guys. Im in Perth and just looking at maybe getting a little bit done to an turbo fj. Just wondering if you guys could recommend someone or a workshop who do good work on them? as its my baby i want somone that can look after it lol. any info would be awesome. cheers
  3. Fj Starter Motor

    Hey guys. having a bit of trouble with my starter. well it went so i came on the forums to see what would work with the FJ. 1st one i saw said that a rb25de starter would fit and in the same thread it said a vl rb30 will bolt straight on aswell. so long story short i got a rb30 and a rb20 (same as 25 apparently) but there is a metal oil line that is preventing them to bolt on square. On further inspection the the original starter that broke is kind of offset so it avoids the line. So wondering if i should recon the one that broke? or is there a DEFINITE way or starter that someone knows 110% that bolts on so far $70 down the drain for the 2 ive bought and ive had no luck ... plz help PICS: Current situation : From underneith the car: BROKEN original starter....
  4. Introducing....

    hey JimJam yeah i did its pretty tidy and drives solid. i love it too
  5. Introducing....

    hey guys, my names Morgan. picked up my 1600 about 3 weeks ago a clean red fj powered one. looking to make it alot nicer aswell someone else has done all the hard work for me so just makes it easier for me its parked in balcatta atm so if you see it around give me a toot