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  1. S1 Bluebird

    It was a long time ago, I saw a series one at Oran Park, when they used to drag down there. He sat the engine very far forward, with the water pump virtually on top of the radiator. Fan was gone, obviously, with a thermo jobbie in front of the radiator. He had a trio of webers and the thing sounded great. I think he just bolted the thing to the 5 speed and avoided all the hassle of relocating the rear crossmember, shortening the tailshaft etc. Pretty quick too if I remember correctly. It was certainly a case of "OMG" when he popped the bonnet for the tech inspection. God knows what happened to that car. Cheers! nice! wish i coulda seen it
  2. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    paints done so im happy just reattaching the shitty trim peices now
  3. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    paint should be done end of the week
  4. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    cars been dropped off to the painter
  5. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    yeah mate almost any spring will fit in there its that basic
  6. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    are they for real? or are you kidding? how are they having a hard time? for this one and my last one i used pedders hq super lows my mate owns a pedders and has them in stock
  7. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    agreed lol have to get new windscreen obriens advised theres only 6 260c windscreens in australia and they have to charge me $499.00 fitted i cried and they let me have it for $399.00 fitted so very very gay................... so they will be over to fit it between 9 and 12 this friday
  8. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    gets repainted in a whitey grey next week........
  9. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    will prob drop a bit more when the wheels are widened old.. new.... before low....... after low.... old springs
  10. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    cars been lowered now paint has been purchased
  11. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    QUOTE (DasKamu @ Jun 25 2009, 02:43 PM) * after the paint ill be getting the factory steels widend from 14x5 to 15 x 8 and 15 x 9
  12. My Datsun Cedric 330 / 260c

    oh that i fixed that up it was just the connection