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  1. copy this link in google and hit "feeling lucky" http://goo.gl/maps/S7Mzo
  2. I like than Nissan are heading down this path of re-inventing and paying tribute to their most loved and successfull models, but I do have to say that there is still much which has been lost in translation.
  3. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    All these updates from you and SJ are giving me motivation to dust off my race car. I've just chucked in an FJ that was taking up valuable garage floor space. I may just have to get it running now
  4. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013

    Thanks Jon, The combined list at the bottom is the summary. Best to go by times, rather than classes. Makes more sense.
  5. Sydney Datsun Club Xmas Camping Weekend 2012.

    RSVP date editted.
  6. Sydney Datsun Club Xmas camping weekend 2012. Where: Graeme’s Farm - Bungonia (<15 mins east of Goulburn) When: Saturday 17th / Sunday 18th November Cost: Free for SDC members and families. What to Bring: Sleeping bag, toothbrush, Swimmers, Drinks. What will be provided: Saturday night dinner, Sunday BBQ breakfast. What we will be doing: Giving the club car a hiding, Blazing some rally tracks. Being merry RSVP by 14 Nov 2012: Email datsun@sydneydatsunclub.com 0414 193 775 Once confirmed, itinerary and detailed maps will be provided. KIDS WELCOME. There is limited accommodation. However there is unlimited camping area. (Large 4br home and caravans. Preferences will be given to members with families). This weekend also coincides with the Skylines Australia Nationals. The event comprises: Friday 16th - track day at Wakefield Park, Saturday 17th - sprints at Goulburn Airport, Sunday 18th - show and display in Goulburn. Members wishing to compete or spectate at the track day are welcome to stay on the Friday night also.
  7. Skyline Nationals

    A quick service and tyre rotation and I'll be all set for Sunday. Is there a trophy for the fastest car with a towbar?
  8. 1963 Cedric, Now Must Go Nsw

    Spoke to couple of people, waiting to hear back now Shawn. Is it just Cedrics? or is the whole used car market flat at the moment?
  9. Shoutbox Here......

    ""Then you get into other categories (Group T, U and plenty of others) that cater for old racers with a documented history - this is where I would imagine cars like Graeme's old 1600 racer would fit. For those, you have to pick a period in the car's history then build it to those specifications."" Yes Dave, My plan is to get a Certificate of Description for my race car so it qualifies for Class U (Historic Sports Sedans) I should be able to run a L20 with Draw through Webber / turbo and 5 speed. and Mark, as for the new 4 door, Yes it is red and will be running FJ20DET. it WILL be ready for Philip Island!!!!!
  10. Skyline Nationals

    For some reason, I cannot access google spreadsheets etc from my work computer. I'll have to download the entry form from home, now I have my printer sorted. I am still keen to get my Stagea on the track.
  11. 1963 Cedric, Now Must Go Nsw

    The add has only just appeared in the current issue of unique cars. I have had a couple of calls, but from people expecting to use it as a cheap daily or not appreciate it for what it is. It also shits me when callers try to talk you down on price without even viewing the car. If it were an EH holden, I'd be asking 20K!! and not the poultry amount I have it listed for. I will have it at the CMC Shannons show this Sunday.
  12. Shoutbox Here......

    Looks like I'll be taking a different direction with my NDN13 Philip Island plans. Picking up a 4 door 1600 soon. May probably end up FJ'ed. Hopefully will be quick on the circuit and not be a embarrasment at the show.
  13. Skyline Nationals

    I've sent a couple of emails over the last year and haven't got a reply. I now realise that I have missed the early bird entry by a long way. I would have entered for sure. I'll have to decide if it is still worth the late entry fee.
  14. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    Just to clarify to the greater Datsun community on the inner workings of the SDC committee, we are looking into meeting venue options. A decision won't be made without extensive member consultation. As you all can appreciate, this will take time. Whether it happens in the next month or three, it really makes little difference. Obviously, by the amount of debate, the ultimate decision may not please everyone. If anyone has an awesome solution, we are still open to other offers. Please send details to committee@sydneydatsunclub.com Also, the SDC committee are volunteers. Some with busy work and private lives also. Finding time for committee meetings to suit everyone's schedules is also a challenge. None the less, there are many events between now and the end of the year. Lets just get the Datsuns out and enjoy them in the company of like-minded people.