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  1. Cheers dave P.s very very nice build ya got going.. Mine should be following suit in the upcoming months
  2. Yeah i mean that method sounds good under the dash.. The thing i dont get is.. Too me it seems like more work to stick it under the drivers seat then to leave it in the bay. obviously to adjust it would be alot more accesible under the seat... But once its adjusted ... you wouldnt need to touch it again would ya
  3. Hey mate just in regards to that bias valve... Are you just going to drill acouple of holes to feed the brake line into the cabin then tee in the valve... Has anyone got a photo with this done?? Does anyone know if you would get away with that kind of thing in W.A
  4. Modding 1600 wiring loom for SR20DE

    im not much help mate.. But i reckon printing off the SR and 1600 wiring diagrams would be a start ( if ya havent done it yet) and having a sussing session
  5. hey mate nice progress where did ya get the speed flow fittings from??
  6. S.C.A Air Compressor

    I got a SCA 2.5HP compressor.. never had a drama.. good deal at the moment your right
  7. IC Piping

    Hey martin.. Have you got a link for that kit. or any other kits with different sizes.. I think the best way to go is cut the piping and use the silicon joiners where needed.. I dont get why guys weld the bends in is it for looks, cheaper then using the silicon bends or less inclined to come apart under pressure (like silicon can)??

    Yeah i got issuess
  9. Freestyler of the Month Award

    1 vote for Datsun_Racing
  10. Grahams FJ20et 1600 groundup

    any more thoughts or opinions on welding the bend on...??
  11. Grahams FJ20et 1600 groundup

    That looks cool. But why don't you relocate the T/B? 2 reasons.. 1st because i have just had the inlet manifold sandblasted and powdercoated.. 2nd because the radiator needs to have mounting points welded onto it anyway so it wont be a hassle to have an extra bend welded at the same time.. In the perfect world if i knew this was going to happen i would have relocated the T/B.. Meh
  12. Grahams FJ20et 1600 groundup

    or sumthing like this.. Weld a short radius bend straight from the rad into a straight section.. Then just run a molded bent hose the Thermo housing.. Would there be any issues with that kind of setup??
  13. Grahams FJ20et 1600 groundup

    The thing is.. The more i angle down the pipe the more pressure that it puts on the rad hose...Thats why its on an extreem angle right now.. So as to not lean on the rad hose.. I was thinking of cutting the top rad hose outlet and re welding it facing down and slightly to the right...The cutting and re welding the thermo housing to face downwards towards the rad.. Reckon that will work better??