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  1. 253datun

    Stanza Info And Help

    I have one...
  2. 253datun

    Stanza Owners Unite

    Hay I'm kinda a stanza owner lol in USA it's a 510... But I know a little bit...
  3. 253datun

    Stanza Club Car

    That's a nice car... I have a "stanza" too but here it's called a 510 lol and mines a wagon 😜
  4. 253datun

    All The Way In Washington State Usa

    Ya thats the one... I'm not putting the bar on though... I love that it's a wagon... I don't get why you didnt get the wagon out there??? But it's just a 510 out here...
  5. 253datun

    All The Way In Washington State Usa

    Na I like it like this... But what do you mean by the bar?? Sorry if that's a dumb question.... What I REALLY want is a stanza bumper from you guys :-) I think those look better...
  6. 253datun

    All The Way In Washington State Usa

    Thanks... Took the front bumper off now too... What do ya think???
  7. 253datun

    New Goon On The Block

    Ya I think that's what it would be over there... Or it says a10 in the door frame.... I was also told it could be a sunny wagon over there...
  8. 253datun

    New Goon On The Block

    She's got a L20b with a mild cam upgrade.. And we swapped the 4 speed for a 5 speed dog leg... Not really... I will just keep it where she's at now... Gotta do the exhaust though... All rusted out and got a header
  9. 253datun

    New Goon On The Block

    Thanks just took the bumper off... Thought I looked cool just gotta find a lip for the bottom
  10. 253datun

    New Goon On The Block

    Hi all out there in Datsun land... I'm a new 510 owner... Had a few datsuns but now I got a 78 wagon (HL 510) I know a lot of guys say they arnt real 510's but I like it.... When I got it, it had a funny smell inside lol I kicked out the stow-a-ways lol and took the carpet out too So I did my best to put new carpet in... I know it's not perfect but I had never done it before.. I'll redo it again I'm sure... Ya that's a towel shoved in around the stick lol not my idea but it works I re wired the dash cuz nothing worked.. I got all blinkers warning lights and oil light the temp gauge wasn't reading either... I got brand new tail lights and ignition cuz they were both broken Now I'm working on lowering it... I got some blocks for the back I made at work 21/2" solid brass... And I just got my rims back from getting powder coated still need rubber but they look pretty slick... 14x5.5 stamped U.S. TransAm on back Saving up for everything to do the front and I'll post them... Thinking techno toyz weld on coilovers.. Then some cancer treatment lol and paint I will be sure to keep posting... I'm also selling the rims that are on there now... Just FYI 13" A.R.E. not sure the style
  11. 253datun

    All The Way In Washington State Usa

    Hi saw no one from USA checking in so I thought I would.... I'm building a 78 HL 510 wagon nothing super cool yet but I like it :-)