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  1. Skyline Nationals

    Shannons Insurance Skyline Nationals 2012 Sprint results http://classicskylinesaustralia.com/theforum/index.php?topic=1021.msg9625#msg9625 JDMST Photo thread http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread.php?47956-NSW-The-Shannons-Insurance-Skyline-Nationals-2012-Goulburn-and-Wakefield-Park More photos will be up on the website soon!
  2. Skyline Nationals

    $10 per person, IE: a car with one person or $20 for a car with 2 or more people in it. some of that fee will be supporting http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/
  3. Skyline Nationals

    You will be competing against some very fast wagons so you might end up in that class? :P
  4. Skyline Nationals

    Just a few days to go! See you all Soon!
  5. Skyline Nationals

    Schedule of the event http://sdrv.ms/PHQAF5
  6. Skyline Nationals

    Not long to go now. few spots left for the show and shine if you have any questions just let me know
  7. Skyline Nationals

    Welcome to our newest Sponsor! 999 Autoshop Sydney! 19/4A Bachell Avenue LIDCOMBE NSW 2141 (02) 9643 5571 Have provided some Fantastic Prizes of interest to you R32/3 Guys!
  8. Skyline Nationals

    SkyDrive Links Nats Supp Regs Approved http://sdrv.ms/Q1xbud Sprint Entry http://sdrv.ms/PmocHK
  9. Skyline Nationals

    i will had them to Skydrive and link up later today, about to step into a meeting right now
  10. Skyline Nationals

    sure can,
  11. Skyline Nationals

    It gets bigger and Bigger every time,
  12. Hi Guys, just thought i would come and say Hi, My Name is Adrian, I live In Melbourne. I have had a few cars over the last few years, and luckily still have most of them. Datsun 200B Sedan.5Spd (Poo Metabolic Brown) Datsun 240k Coupe 4Spd(Several Shades of Red and Orange) Datsun 240k Coupe Auto (White) Aussie R31 Skyline SVD GTS (The White ones) HR31 Coupe 5Spd (Black Over Silver) Sold N13 SSS 5spd,(Silver) I am currently working on My White 240k to get it ready for a event this year, it was ment to be the Skyline Nationals in September but Because i am apart of the organising club committee and Moved into my own place this year, i have had to keep putting it off! Hope to have it out for the Geelong Revival. Yeah so thats heaps about me really, Hope to see some of you at some events soon!
  13. Skyline Nationals

    Hi Guys, No idea what has happened to the email address and apologies for not advertising this on your forum in the first place, Entry forms https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-YOssoW_AjsZjY5NTMxOWItZTQyYy00YWZjLTgxZmQtMjkzOGJiMGFkMDIy/edit?hl=en_US https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-YOssoW_AjsYjZiNjIyODEtYmJjYS00NTE5LTkwNWItYzZhZGJkMzhmMjY3/edit?hl=en_US Shoot President@classicskylinesaustralia.com an email and i think she can still hook you guys up with Early bird (Or Close to it) pricing for the track day If you just want to enter the show and shine, it will be $20 to be judged and $5 to park, fill out the competitors form so we know what car you are bringing. The Promo Pack, includes Cap, Polo, and Lanyard Some judging tips for the show and shine are avalible here https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=7F8F2E778CEBF7DA!209&cid=7f8f2e778cebf7da There will be hot laps up for grabs from some of the Historic Nissan Racing team Price List for Hot Laps is now confirmed. There will be 1 outlap, and at least 3 hot laps and 1 cool down. Two Laps with Jim Richards at Sandown cost $660.00, but you get lunch . All proceeds from two of the cars go to MS Australia. A very worthy cause All Proceeds from the DR30 will be shared between MS Australia and Luke Ellery's USA Bid. The club is not making any money out of these rides. Vehicles are: 1984 Nissan Bluebird Group C - Adam Workman Driving - 2 sessions at $300.00 each. 1983 Nissan Exa Group C - Justin Nillson Driving - 2 Sessions $300.00 each 1987 Nissan DR30 Skyline Group A - Luke Ellery Driving - 2 Session $300.00 Each. There will also be a silent auction at the show and shine for these rides, as well as a listing on Ebay. Full Video footage of your Hot Laps is also included in the drive.