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Found 1 result

  1. Kennys 200B Sx Mild Resto'

    Yo Thought it was about time i put some sort of build diary together! I joined datnet a few years ago and haven’t really used it until recently. My car is a 1980 200b SX. I first purchased the car from a friend a few years back in very good condition and drove it for about 12 months before my partner fell pregnant with our first child. It was at this point i had to weigh up my options.. The 200b was starting to show signs of wear, it was after all my daily driven work ute(so to speak) and was soon to be needing the inevitable datsun rebuild that they all need at some stage of their lives. She was starting to leak fluid, rust spots were appearing, the stand out SX blue was becoming chalky and faded no matter how much i polished it.. With a baby on the way and still living in a share house, I had neither the room nor the funds to give her the cleanup she deserved! A female friend of mine was in love with the car however so soon enough she was at my house with cash demanding the keys.. So, i bit the bullet and sold my beloved 200b.. 5 mins after this female friend had left my house, in the car, I received a phone call from an irate friend of mine claiming i was a %#@!wit and should learn how to drive! YES FOLKS, the female buyer of my beloved 200b had pulled out of my street, onto a main road, in front of oncoming traffic almost causing a pile up... Oblivious to this she continued on her way.. I caught up with her a few months later at a gathering, I spotted her amongst the other cars parked all over the place, glistering in the moonlight! At least she is looking after it I thought to myself. As i got closer i noticed a dent in the rear driver’s quarter, SHE HAD REVERSED INTO A TROLLY BAY AT WESTFEILD!! a little disheartened i went over the car to see if there was anything else.. BUCKET SEATS!!! UGLY ONES AT THAT!!! the original SX seats, that were in good condition mind you, had been replaced with "fast and the furious" looking buckets with orange inserts! THE CAR IS BLUE!!! THE INTERIOR IS BLACK!!! WTF would you put orange inserts in already horrible bucket seats in a blue car? this chick had no taste! I continued into the gathering, a little upset and disgusted but at the end of the day, it was no longer my car.. Apon finding a spot to sit and cracking a beer, I got to talking to some of the guys, keeping my peripheral sight on high alert for the girl I had sold my car too. Once i had finally found her I instantly brought up the subject “oh yeah, my boy friend is driving it now, dad bought me a mirage” Great I thought.. this guy must be a douche bag.. I really started to worry when she informed me he was driving it because he had written his commonwhore off whilst drunk... GEEZUZ! What had i gotten my beloved 200b into? That was the last i seen of the car or its new owner for a while, being a new dad, my partner and i had dropped off the social scene and hadn’t spoken to anyone in months. About a month ago now i was driving through the AMAZING suburb of Bidwill when something caught my eye! A blue 200b SX! Rusting away in a front yard, looked like it hadn’t moved in a while, long grass.. All that. Being Bidwill i was hesitant to even stop the car let alone knock on the door.. But regardless i staunched up, got out and went to the door. As i walked past the car in the front lawn something else caught my eye.. ORANGE INSERTS IN GOD AWFAL BUCKET SEATS! I almost fell over! I rushed to knock on the door, i was greeted with a familiar voice! SHE STILL OWNED IT!!!! I was quick to offer some cash, done a deal and rang a mate with a trailer! After 4 and a bit years, she was home.. a little worse for wear.. A bad attempt at a locked diff, a dent in the rear quarter and some ugly ass, uncomfortable, unsupportive bucket seats.. With orange inserts.. After a good wash I set out to do the work I once had nor the funds or the space to do.. alomost ready for a new coat of paint then she will be back on the road