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Osr20t - 1971 Datsun 1600 With Sr20det

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Or you might need glasses?

Given I didn't see the wheels in the flesh, I can't judge. Only saw photos - and they looked like grey primer. Good quality grey primer, but still grey primer - not metallic charcoal like the sample.

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Thanks for the comments fellas :thumbsup:

looks great

new rims have completely changed the style of the car

what tyre sizing did you end up with?

the fronts I went with 205/45/16

the rears i went with 215/40/16 - as you can see from the photos they are a perfect fit

You ended up painting the wheels the same colour as the car, did the p/coat colour not look any good.

Yeah Brad, I was a little disappointed with the powder coating, so I spray canned them tungsten and clear.

As Jeff says, they looked like primer with a hint of metallic(only seen close up)



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Hey Pete,

Wheels on the car look hot in that colour. :thumbsup:

and i agree im sure the wheels in the flesh would have looked a little different ( maybe not grey primer )

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there has been discussion on centre caps.. for a cheap alternative we were thinking of a alloy plate with the Watanabe 3 symbols

the rear I can get away with a flat cap, but the fronts are a little tricker because of the bearing cap

the original ones are cone type which I don't like the look of

RS Watanabe Center Cap Shell Type 63mm Silver

these ones on the other hand will look great, but the colour will not match - but I can always spray them

RS Watanabe Center Cap Octagon Type 60mm Black

just notice they are different sizes...got to check what mine are

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i agree with you on the 1st caps, the reason i asked as im in the same boat i have sigma turbo rims and they has a similar cap to the 1st one, i dont really like it but as you said the bearing cap is in the way on the fronts, those second ones will look better but yea the red wont match,

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Love your car mare my all time favorite 1600 :D

Thanks mate :thumbsup:

As for the caps, the octagon ones are out as the Wats are 73mm, but seen a few other flat cap 73mm on ebay that i might try


#1 and 2 without the $50 each price tag


cheapy with carbon sticker


flat cap


ebay one

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thanks mate, very nice of you to say on your first post :thumbsup:

I'm pretty sure it was a trimmer in Mt Druitt.

No plans in the near future for the interior, although maybe better carpet - none of that bad fitting moulded junk.

I want to do a bit more racing this year, so no need for a nice interior...yet

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