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Sdc Agm 2009

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Notice to all Sydney Datsun Club Incorporated Members

The Sydney Datsun Club Inc. Annual General Meeting for 2009 will be held Monday April 27th 2009 at 7:30pm, Cabramatta Golf Club, Cumberland Highway, Cabramatta.

All committee positions are open as well as all memberships are due and must be renewed / valid prior to the meeting commencing to be eligible for participation in both election and/or voting.

For more information, click here

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Nominations will be accepted for each position until cut off, Sunday 26th April, 7:30PM. Strictly no submissions will be accepted after the cut off.

following on from chris's comment who made and then approved this decision??

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This was mostly taken from the constitution which has been in place since updated when the SDC was incorporated.

The date and time is set by the AGM Chairman (rightfully assumed Graeme each year), It's more a kick up the arse to get nominations in so we are not scraping the barrel on the night, pushing people into positions like we normally do. I am sure if you turn up and put your hand up on the night Graeme won't send you away. I'm just trying to get things out there and promote it.

If you don't have net access, most communication is now done by e-mail and net access would be of significant benefit for a committee position.

I'd suggest if you have any questions or concerns, e-mail or call Graeme or Alicia

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No nominations on the night? WTF?

what about members who have limited/no net access?

I figured that, since we have had a "proper" constitution following our becomming incorporated a couple of years ago, we should try and stick to it.

I would be prepared to accept nominations on the night where there have been one or no nominations prior.

We realy have to get and keep our s%*t together. We now have more members than ever, so I think the SDC committee has an obligation to continue to improve our professionalism.

Please let me know if I have missed anything, or if you have any questions.



Founder SDC

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Thought I would post up the nominations so far from here, also a reminder voting including subcommittee positions is carried out on the night, this is only nominations for committee positions.

•President - Jon Ovington, Mark Peacock

•Vice President - Mark Willoughby, Shawn Johnson, Ben Dunn

•Secretary - Alicia Mack

•Treasurer - Graeme Harlor

•Motorsport / CAMS delegate - Chris Howard, Ben Dunn, Mark Peacock, Brad Wood

•Social Secretary - Ben Porter, Shawn Johnson

•Web Secretary - Jon Ovington

•Newsletter Secretary - Chuck Galbraith, David Wilson, Jason King

•Public Officer - Graeme Harlor

•Fundraising Secretary - Scott Moyle, Shane Paton

•Club Rego Registrar - Graeme Harlor

Exciting to see lot's of eager hands going up!

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