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Sebs Bluebird

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ive been a member hear for a while bout time i said a bit about my self/car

ok hi im Seb, im one of the 2 co-owners of AUSSIEBLUEBIRDS.com,

im a 4th year apprentice mechanic im 21 years young, ive been tweeking cars for about the last 7 years and i have came to the conclusion that i hate every single car in exsistance except datsuns and nissan/datsun bluebirds.

im more than happy to help in any way i can with any automotive issue

so hear you go hears my nissan bluebird (IML.20B)

1985 series 3 trx.... which is dosnt really have a L20B in it

i did it all in my driveway at home bar the intercooler and window tint!

car has s13 redtop sr20det

coil overs in the front

s13 hubs

z32 frront brakes calipers

ebc green pads all round

top gear 3.7 LSD - was origanly a locker

excedy brass clutch

180rwkw @ 15psi

remote start button

15% tinted windows

momo steering wheel

custom gauge cluster

central locking


keyless entry

fully stripped of tar on the interiour and boot

noluthane bushes in rear end

removed origanal clutch dampener

short shift kit

1 peice tail shaft

3 inch mandrel bent exhaust (side pipe) 1 hot dog thats it

front mount intercooler

painted black headlights

big vk v8 comodore radiator

k&n pod filter

dual rear sway bars

adjustable cambertops

s13 front swaybar

oil catch can

white lines strut top brace

pioneer cd player

fusion power plant 6.5inch splits all round

gay 16inch rims

walbro fuel pump 500hp

r31 pintara fuel tank







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Looks good Seb!

Bout time you posted it up on here :D

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Top stuff seb ... car is looking great and it will return even better when the engine goes back in

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thanks pete, thanks DATTO!

im just so excited hearing all your nice comments i never expected my car to turn out this neat.

yeah i cant wait for the motor to be back in its just a money thing really, its going to be nice with the IRS to pete :)

after todays cruise i just want it back on the road so bad

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ok so motor has been well and truely finished now, i put it back in the car and i have done aprox 1000km on motor, so now time for some serious bolt on's.

um, but.... this was 6months ago :( since then i got a job offer in WA in the pilbara as a mechanic! for the money and change in life experience i said yes...... bad idea ok. (but dont worry i didnt offload the bluebird, its nice and cute at my parents house in there car port :)

ok so i got a little side tracked up hear in WA earning good money, so instead of spending it on my car i just went and got my self a better daily....



ok so its a pretty nice daily, but the hole WA life isnt for me so im moving home soon and hopefully going to get on track and finish off my bluebird finally, but its drivable so i hope i can join in a few cruises soon :)

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got to do a wedding yesterday in my 910, was out in dubbo :( lol

630km trip on my own in one day was torture, should of taken ear muffs and the coil overs on them country roads almost shook my car to pieces lol

did sevral hoops on the way to the wedding with the best men in the car lol they loved it, also did sevral on the way out too :) some one had to do it lol

only down side was i think i broke a uni so it was a slow, even louder, nerve racking trip home, but i got back fine


Edited by SEB20DET

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Nice one Seb

Did you get to embarrass any 'feral utes' on the highway???

My wife comes from central west NSW and I used to love taking the Datto out there and upsetting the ute drivers and their BIG V8s...... :devil:

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