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Datsun 180b Sss 74

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After lining up behind this at WSID last Wednesday, all I can say is its one angry sounding FJ :thumbsup:

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Hey Guys,

I havent been on here for a while... How is everyone?

The SSS has been dormant for more than a year now as Ive been caught up in other matters. Recently I have helped a friend build an SR20DET Gemini and it has bought back the thrill again. So a month or so ago I tinkered with the 180b and eliminated some alternator and voltage drop issues and got it running sweet.

And Im happy to say I have finally broken the 12 sec barrier and ran an 11.8 :D Booya


Time for more upgrades :yes:

Bigger cams, adjustable cam gears, 5 psi of boost, a 300zx box and a new tune coming up!!

and in the not too distant future a new EFI computer as Im only running a Microtech MTX-8

Ive also got my hand on some sext JDM SSS rear lights, an early model grill and fenders to complete the look im going for

Id like to know peoples opinion on what direction to take in regards to a new computer?? whats good whats bad?

Also I have a friend who filled his chassis rails with expandable foam to strengthen his chassis...

has anyone heard of this? does it work?

One respectable source I know says yes, but Id still like to know what people think?


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foam might help prevent rust, dunno about adding strenght though

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Fez, you MUST use 2 pack foam, normal expanding foam is a fail for filling frame rails etc.

On average it will increase torsional rigidity by 30%.

Used it lots on my rally cars.

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Hey Baz, :) How are you mate? How things down in the south.

Yeah my source seems to think the same. wow 30% sounds very significant... Ill make sure its a 2 pack foam when I do it. Thanks for you input!

Do you think I will need to modify the tunnel to fit a 300zx box in the 180b ?


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Ok guys I haven’t updated my build since I was able to break the 12 sec barrier last year, and after doing so I’ve decided I NEED more power!

I looked into purchasing some cams for the FJ but found that it was very difficult to source a set. I know Kameari supply some but for the price I decided to go with a regrind. So the cams were pulled out of my spare engine and sent to Camtech at Chippo for a regrind.

Upon receiving the cams I had my engine builder custom make me a set or adjustable cam gears and away the car went to the mechanic to install the cams and adjust tappets. Which ultimately turned out to be a big mistake.... :(

Anyways after several weeks the car was returned and booked in for a Dyno. To my surprise the cams produced a great increase in power! with standard cams I was pushing 240rwkw, and after the cams were in I managed to push 280rwkw. a 40kw increase... I was stoked. I thought to myself that I should have done this long ago.

So I went to pick up the 610 from the tuners with the biggest smile on my face, had a good discussion with Adam from JEM about the car and went on my way. The datto drove so smooth and the power increase was amazing.

However! As I got to my home which is not far from JEM and entered the driveway... A mysterious rattling sound broke out and the car suddenly stalled :S. ignorantly I started the car again and the same sound was heard but this time much louder, I quickly turned the engine off as I was certain the sound was coming from inside the block :confused:.

I took off the spark plugs and inserted a magnetic rod down cylinder 1 and as I pulled it out to my surprise I found some metal pieces attached to the magnet. Upon further inspection the pieces were quite large and brittle, scratching my head I could not figure out what this could be as there should be no magnetic parts down there unless maybe a ring had shattered... But the pieces were too big to be a ring.

The head then came off and the hope of minimal damage quickly evaporated. the damage was enormous pistons were scuffed, the head was scuffed, cylinder 1 & 2 were scratched and all valves in cylinder 1 & 2 looked damaged. I could have killed someone at that point. But still I could not figure out what the foreign object was.

After thorough inspection I recognised that one of the valve guides in cylinder 1 was a little short... upon further inspection I came to realise that half the valve guide had broke off!!! It then fell into cylinder 1, got mashed up and destroyed cylinder 1 and piston, then some of the mashed up guide got sucked back into the inlet manifold and down cylinder 2 and managed to destroy that also.

The valve guides were standard but after speaking to a couple of experts they seemed to think that it was an unfortunate mishap, as it was unusual for valve guides to break, even for standard ones.

I put it down to the guy who installed the cams. I have a feeling that his clearances were off, because with further inspection of the head there were a few more bent valves and another cracked guide. And at that point a BIG lesson was learned. I should have taken the car to a specialist for cam installation or I should have done it myself! That’s what happens when you try and save time and money by using a cheaper option. Which I did not btw

Anyways back to the positives, the engine was pulled out and sent back to the engine builder for a rebuild.

a new set of 0.060 over sized Wiseco forged pistons

new bronze valve guides

new valves

valve job

baffled sump ( for some track action)

head ported and inlet matched

the block was shot peened and crack tested

springs and rods were fine so they were re-used

This was also an opportunity to finalise some other mods whilst the engine was out like

new custom ceramic clutch from penrith brake and clutch, as I was only using a heavy duty prior

new box install 300zx 5 speed (same as rb25) , with modified GTR bell housing to suit FJ and

custom made gearbox mount and dogleg shifter and new tail shaft to suit

new brake lines all round

relocate brake reservoir

camber tops

oil cooler


The engine comes back this weekend and then the fun starts... This almost feel like when I first built the car, its enjoyable but a pain in the ass also as I am an impatient bastard.


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Ouch. Sorry to hear. Glad you're not letting it stop you and you're rebuilding. Can't wait to hear how it is with the rebuilt motor.

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There's too much blood and sweat in the 610 now to give up.

And shit load of money too! lol

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Yeah thanks suth510, will definitely be at the creek as Id like to know what it'll run...

I'm really starting to miss the Sunday cruises also but unfortunately Im still waiting on this motor :S should have it all together in month or so, just when that perfect turbo weather is in!


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Ok finally the car is back together

Here's some updated pictures


New Wiseco's





Got the 610 running on Thursday and been trying to get as much Km's on as possible. Its booked for a Dyno in two weeks and fingers crossed I can rhit the 300+ rwkw mark on pump fuel @ 20psi.






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