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anth    3

yeah it used to have 16s, now its on 15s, looks much better now i rekon

i think the original owner just threw money at it, didnt finish it properly. 2nd owner put in the hard yards and fixed all the shortcuts, now its for sale.

iggy has the lowdown on it.

definitely one of my favourite 510s ever, so much good shit in it

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PJ    1

Yeah one of my favourites too, although I did like the old rims, I'd happily settle for the same Meisters in black or gun metal grey 16's, put a factory 70's grille on it (keep the HID's), my running gear...so that means Skyline box with dog gear set and employ Mr. Jeff and Rob Shoesmith to fit my rear end (short nose GT-R R200) with the shafts, brakes the lot.

To me that would be the perfect 1600, aside from a NEO VVL head :)

Ahh....I need to stop dreaming that I won Powerball.

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Max    7

This car is awsome.....

The first time i saw a pic of this car it inspired me for the 73 grill. Since ive had the grill the decision has been to leave it in original condiction or paint it.

I hope the owner get good coin for it.

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GTR510    0

I'm going against the trend and I actually dont rate it that highly. I find it too 'busy' with the combination of different JDM parts and those chrome rings around the inner light sections look rubbish.

That theme works on late model stuff but not on old school, as much as it pains me to say it Ryans coupe is good example of what I am talking about. Clean, elegant but very tidy.

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