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Calling all SDC members who would like to place a few photos of their car/s on the SDC website.

It will show the public and potential members what vehicles are in the club, but also allow this latest swarm of TV and filmmakers to jump on and see what there is to offer.

If you would like to put your car on there Email me some pictures or post here, we want approx 3-4 photos of each car showing front/rear quarter, side and maybe front, rear and/or interior. Pictures should by 640 pixels in size with the filename your first name, year, make, model numbered from 1-3 or however many photos you send i.e. Jon 1970 Datsun 1600 -1

Take a look at http://www.sydneydatsunclub.com > The Club > Members, for an example and to see the cars being added.

Please be aware, as well as being used for our own promotion, the cars will actively be promoted as most likely being available for media use if/when we are approached by media companies. The vehicle owners will be forwarded the relevant details to follow up, we will not release personal information of our members.

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