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FIA-510 The L series Project.

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Awesome! :thumbsup:

After the track day thrashing @ oran park last last year, the motor was a tad tired.. it kept fouling plugs, so i decided to give it a freshen up..


Had it out in 50 minutes...(had a bit of practice of late !)Im going to remove the header wrap... Soooo 90's.. :rolleyes: keeps oil and degreaser in too long. Time for some Ceramic coating


Found some ARP bolts holding the head down.. :thumbsup:


Looks like the exhaust valve had touched the piston once in its life ?? Strange its only 1 of them .


Time for a hone ,some rings, bearings, timing chain, gaskets and a turbo oil pump, to throw on for good measure.

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How long til FIA head mark?

The bottom end is at the machine shop at the moment. Its a bit of work .. Crank has to be knife edge'd & the block bored to suit the dome top Arias forgies .. Then i'll have to dummy assembly it all. Ive been procrastinating over the whole E85 possible setup & can't decide on the final comp ratio. Ive decided to run a crank trigger balancer from Rebello, and have to sort out what ignition to use... Probably go down an aftermarket ECU and only run the ignition side for now, with future upgrade to fuel injection possibilities.

So.. heaps to do martin.. The 'rings & bearings' freshen up, is a walk in the park at them moment. !

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Gave the block a good hone.. It turned out ok.

I purchased some rings, a gasket set and Clevite bearings from Fabre...Cost me just over $100. :thumbsup:

The bottom end was very clean and a joy to work on , compared to a lot of waxed filled blocks these days.. Pays to run good oil,( Penrite for 18years with no failures yet !!) Just change it regularly !!

Checked the ring gaps, and got the clearances even across the cylinders. My Daughter let me use some of her Playdoh.. So i could check the clearances on the relatively Large cam i installed.

Checked it @ 0 , +12 & -12. all good if i dont plan on running it at -8 to -12 degree !! The dish top & the A87 head work well with 530thou lift cam !!


Ive been itching to use the OEM coloured paint i imported from the US last year...Much better than the Camira blue i've used in the past !!

Installed the ARP head bolts.. starting to look way too serious than the L bangers i've built in the past.. Had to go and buy a thin walled 12mm double hex socket just to torque it down :thumbsup:


This slightly ported A87 head was destined for a L18 , but i 'borrowed' it for this build. I wanted to see the difference in HP between the V91 and the A87 on the same bottom end. The cam will be larger, but i will install the 72 deg cam after all this to compare the HP difference. . I used the matching lash pads with the Isky cam ( to follow). Had to lift the cam tower up 20thou just to get the correct 'wipe' on the lash pad.


(left) The isky Z-196 cam. 51-75, 530 th lift, 306 deg, 264┬░dur @50. Nice n lumpy. Nice for the track..

(Right) the original re-ground 72 deg cam. prob around the 490 th lift. 35-75 ....etc.


All assembled, complete with the Nissan oil filter !!



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Looks good there Mark, Can't wait to see it in the car and sreaming down the road/ track,

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been busy on old 'gordo' the last few months. I transfered the old engine (above) to another car to get it up and running for Datsun day last year.

Ive been building a Z24 /L20b stroker for a few years now, & just mananged to get some spare time to finish it off..

I had a running motor i stripped around 10 years ago, for a freshen up. I plan to run it with a stock V91 head and the 'stroker' cam (CE748) that was used in many a stroker back in the day.. & run it with a pair of 50mm mikuni's.

I'll be upgrading to the ported & closed chambered U67 head i have ..(once it comes back from the head porter..) to see what the HP difference compare to the $$$ invested between these heads. I want to be able to produce a decent bang for your buck L series, & the strokers are the way to get cheap HP..The L20b/Z2.4 combo has phenomenal torque & doesnt need to be too highly strung to get the HP out of them.. Time will tell.

i dummy assembled the bottom end. I used an old L20b rod (the rod needed for the conversion) and honed the little end , so i could use the new pistons as a floating type set up for the dummy up. Found the piston was around 38thou above deck height. I dummied each one and found them to be pretty much the same all round. The block was decked a few years ago, so i had a good surface to work with..

Had the pistons machined , then reinstalled them, with perfect zero deck height.. Once the clearances were checked..off to the balancer they went..


i had the rods closed honed, shot peened ,polished & new arp bolts fitted.


here's the mod Z24 crank , compare to the stock one above. Had around 20mm taken from the outer weights to fit in..



all assembled


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I dummy assembled an old head, to check the piston to valve clearance. Under protest (from my kids), i 'borrowed' some playdoh to check my clearances. It only needed the top of the ridge and a little of the crown removed.

I cut up an old valve to use as a cutter.



and fitted a 'dave stopper' ( Thanks dave !! would have used your valve but it was 2 mm smaller !!)



Installed the head without the gasket, to give me a few extra mm of clearance. I put a feeler guage between the stopper & the valve guide so i only machined down to a pre determined depth. i used a cordless drill on slow.. chattered a bit , but i was stoked with the result. I aslo duct taped the area around the piston, so no shaving would go into the the rings. Once i removed the head, i vacuumed the shavings off & removed the tape.. I should have done this at the dummy stage, but i found this to be a quicker way.

I think if i was to do a flat top piston, which would require more cutting, than it should be done at the dummy stage..




The 'special tool' stayed sharp ,even after 4 cuts.


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Thats awsome Mark,

Can't wait to see this thing go and the sound willbe great to,

Bring it on, Old Gordo, Get the back out,

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Alot of water under the bridge since last april.

Installed the Stroker , for a run over to S.A for Datelaide. (may 2012). Old gordo, went like a boar all the way..

Been racing a few times around eastern creek for the Motor Magazine twilight nights..

Finally got access to a dyno ( Insight Motorsport). ran it up on tuesday night, with the following specs.

Std V91 (bluey) cyl head with wade 72 deg cam.

89mm bored 200b block with all the parts listed in the previous post.

same 45mm webers used in the first dyno run a few years back. ( Std S2 V91 head with med>low comp pistons = 72 kw atw.)

Ran 98 kw on its first run. !!

Changed the chokes from 36 to 38mm. and it ran 104 kw..

Knocked back the timing 2 deg to run a 108.5 kw.

We ran it up with & without the Pipercross filter.. Made Zero HP diff, on or off....

Next step, to run a pair of 50mm mikuni's to see how much we can get out of a cammed std low comp L20b with a 2.4 displacement.

Hoping for around 115-120 kw atw..

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Go the L series.good power there mark youll have to take me for a drive.i had a 2.4 stroker with twin 48s (greg jarrets old datto) and I got. 140 hp atw.if I build another 1600 il come to see you for engine.i miss the throatie weber sound,bring on datnats.

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Why the white bonnet?did you need your belt back.vinyl wrap it in carbon fibre I reckon it would look good.

sure did.. the belt did jack shit.... old gordo had too much power ....

i'll end up wrapping it in carbon, like you said.. might do the roof as well...

Can't be asked to paint it this side of the nats...

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