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Castrol Edge Motor Magazine Hot Tuner Challenge 2010

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We've been overloaded with entries to MOTOR Magazine's second annual Hot Tuner Shootout, with more than 30 of the country's fastest cars coming to Eastern Creek in August. Our inaugural event last year was a real eye-opener in just how extensive, and excellent, the local aftermarket tuning industry has become for modern performance cars. Our collection for 2010 will create some interesting battles, with a fairway of Volkswagen Golfs teeing off against each other, a host of Subaru STIs up against some red-hot Mitsubishi Evo Xs, and a heap of heroic V8 Holdens taking on a flotilla of force-fed turbo Falcons. Beyond that, we've got some wild BMWs, Mercedes AMGs and Porsches looking to maintain Europe's status, but also a good 'ol American stoush between the latest Mustang and Camaro. Each of them will be tested on the dyno, down the drag strip and around the race track in the fight to be crowned the 2010 Hot Tuner Champion. Presented by Castrol Edge, MOTOR Magazine's Hot Tuner Shootout will feature in our October issue, on sale September 8, 2010. What do you think will win?


Andrew MacLean


MOTOR Magazine


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