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All Japan Day

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No not yet, Got any details?

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I stole this from jdmst

After skipping the lovely Sydney winter months, soggy grass, date clashes and struggling to find available dates, it seems the planets have all aligned, and


When: Sunday November 13, 10:00am-3:00pm

Where: Silverwater Park, Silverwater (just near the bridge)

How did it all start?

All Japan Day was born in Adelaide in 2008 as a result of a crisis developing in the import motor enthusiast community. Local car shows involving Japanese imports were losing focus of what the enthusiasts wanted at a car show - a opportunity to admire and talk about the sensational vehicles on display with out being distracted by gimmicks or high entry prices.

The AJD committee comprises a core group of five car nuts, and events are run on a not-for-profit basis, with all money raised (once expenses are taken out) going to charity. For Sydney, it’s just $15 to enter your car, and spectators are allowed free entry (although we will ask for a gold coin donation at some point during the day for the charity we choose).

Which cars are eligible to enter?

It should first be noted that the AJD committee votes on every car that enters – your application is reviewed and then either accepted or rejected. Don’t let this discourage you from entering! Just make sure you have good pics of your car ready so we can see if we can work with it.

We’re looking for:

Pre-1985 classics – AJD Adelaide has quickly established a reputation for being the premier show for classic Japanese cars, and we’re really pushing to see what Sydney has to offer. Even if it’s a barn find, partly restored or in poor condition, we love our classics and would love to have you come along.

Clean original cars – when was the last time you saw a mint original S13 Silvia? Exactly! Last year we had a clean original Datsun 200B with period accessories that looked fantastic.

Modified cars – anything from mild mods right through to Time Attack-spec track cars.

Grey imports or even Japanese cars sold here new by the manufacturer. Aussie-built Japanese cars such as R31 Skylines are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Weird and wonderful – if you have something Japanese and quirky that makes the committee laugh and think you’re insane, then throw it in! Last year we had someone bring along a nice Toyota Coaster bus, it was hilarious!

What we’re NOT looking for:

Sex-spec cars – AJD is for cars that are more likely to feature in Zoom than Hot 4s. If your stereo has a higher output than your engine, then you’re probably in trouble. Lambo doors are out, dinner platter wheels are out, neons and white leather trim are borderline too, depending on the application. We have a ‘thing’ for cars that have a WOW factor for their engineering, not for how they look. Our theory is that we want to cater for the kinds of cars that other shows like Auto Salon wouldn’t normally accept.

Advertising - no banners will be allowed, aside from the AJD one that stands out the front of the show. Flyers will be allowed under windscreens (with prior permission from the AJD committee), and cars may have stickers advertising businesses or products, but no other forms of advertising are permitted. Contact us about it if you're not sure whether you meet our rules or not.

Chains or fencing (or anything else that prevents spectators from getting close to your vehicle) - if you want to keep your bonnet closed that's fine, but if you're that precious about your paintwork, you will need to decide if displaying your vehicle is worth the risk. If the owner of a $750K Toyota 2000GT can display his car without roping it off, then you can too!

Segregation - no club displays will be allowed, and while we will be reasonable about keeping people together if they all arrive together, don’t get the sooks on if you end up getting parked away from your mates - the aim of the day is to meet new people and respect what they've done with their cars, not hide away in a corner with your mates.

How to enter:

Everything is done online via our website http://www.alljapanday.com.au

Make sure you have your credit card or PayPal details on hand, and a DECENT photo of your car on file before you begin applying. You will receive an email to confirm your application has been received if you’ve done it correctly. Later on you will get an acceptance email if your car has made the grade.

Entries are now open, so get cracking!


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lovin the format, sounds cool.

ooohh id hate to not be 'accepted'....$15 to park your car, and too many rules.. thought show's were suppose to be 'friendly' ...

looks like kingy's 16 with the white trim is out... or maybe borderline... Love to know what the charity is ..

Edited by fveten

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Looks ok, Shit house how you can't just pay the $15 on the day, ( You know hard to organsie sometimes with kids/ misses )

anyway will try and have a look,

I reckon on the day, we should all just turn up , park out the front if they won't accept $15 cash to enter,

I don't understand why they Dn't do entries on the day, as they don't have to prepare for trophies etc,

No prizes.

No trophies.


No dyno runs.

No promo girls. WHAT NO MISS FEBUARY :thumbsup:

No smoke machines. WHAT NO FJ'S :woot:

No roped-off displays.

No Fuss

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The only smoke coming from an FJ is coming off the tyres!!!

You putting on the demo out the front????? :thumbsup:

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