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Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

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Time to pull the old finger out and get a few pictures up.

Also might help motivate me to get it finished.

I knew of these Coupes and because most of them were down south, I didn't see one in the flesh until I was at the Adelaide Datnats some 10 Years ago.

I ended up with this one some time ago and it has been a very slow process.

I purchased it in Sydney and drove it home as you see below.


As you can see it did sit a little high.

I grabbed the wheels off the Datto and sat them under the car to see if we could improve the look.


I already have the old school Datsun so this one was to get the SR.

I found a shortened diff in Sydney and the guy had a Stanza with an SR and was also selling the motor so I grabbed it at the same time.

Maddat had just listed a fitting kit and Craig was actually heading up this way and dropped it off at home. Pretty good service.

I cleaned up and painted a few of the front end parts and fitted new steering bits.


Also fitted the Maddat front struts with Verada ventilateds and RX7 calipers.


The motor is in and has been started a few times.

I have finally sorted the brake lines as had them out when I fitted the fuel system and realised that I had to then make new lines to go around the surge tank. Thanks Tim for the flaring tools.

I have also fitted the S14 dash cluster and have had a lot of fun matching this into the Stanza dash. I have also done some custom work where the original radio used to fit.


It will end up with a carbon fibre look with some brushed aluminium in there as well.

Finding the right wheels also took some time. I was looking at Simmons but unfortunately the business changed before I could organise anything. I ended up with some from the US through Show Wheels.

I wanted to achieve a lot of dish on the back and these guys were very helpful with measurements and I am pretty happy with the result.


They look pretty good on the Datto but unfortunately just scrub on the rear as they are 245s.


I have tried a couple of colours and will stick with some shade of Orange.

Still might try a Pewter colour suggestion Jeff.

This is my latest trial which may still be a bit bright.


I have heaps more to do but hopefully will get on with it a bit quicker than it has progressed to date.



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Ended up getting a bit more done over the week end as the weather up this way has been pretty ordinary.

I was talking to Peter Papps earlier this month when he dropped in to the club meeting.

I mentioned about installing air con in the car and how close it was with the intercooler, condensor and radiator.

After Peter said about engine temperatures, I decided to move the radiator back so I have had to change the mounting.

I have also designed a cowelling which should direct air around the intercooler at each side. A pick up from under the front will also direct it up from underneath. It was good to get this done now rather than find out later. Thanks Peter.


Not much of a gap but should help a lot.

Also sourced a nice set of Recaros so have to sort out the mounting brackets.


I have done a fair bit of work in the back as the battery has been moved and also fitting a decent stereo.



I also made up a template to drawthe air from a gap under the front bumper up to under the passenger headlights and through the radiator support panel. I have made up an air box with a catch can incorporated into the lid.


With so many new wires in the front I have had to instal an additional mounting point to connect the main feeds to the thermo and headlights. This has been a pain but I ended up with one behind the fuel filter setup.


Time to get back into it and get this thing on the road.



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No new pictures but getting a few things done.

The new GT2871R has been fitted as well as the Z32 AFM.

I have been playing around with the intercooler piping and have to get some more tig work on the outlet to get a nicer angle into the motor inlet.

I have worked out the seat mounting so will grab some steel during the week and get these sorted pretty quickly.

Just spent a couple of hours trying to sort out how to hold the battery cables in place along the floor and up into the boot near the spare wheel where the main fuse has been set up.

Also sorted out brackets to hold intercooler and radiator all together. I realised that I wouldn't have been able to bolt it in the way I had it so new mounts for the intercooler were needed.

I want to hide as many wires as possible so have moved all the lighting relays etc to a panel I have made behind the drivers headlights. There is a cover that will go over this panel and also hold the radiator overflow tank.

I have had to cut away sections of the radiator support as the Stanza has an extra support which got in the way of the intercooler. The panel beater will have to replace some metal here to make it look respectable.

A larger baffled sump has been bolted on. I have to make up some sort of guard as the oil temperature sensor sits on the side at the bottom. Don't want to knock it off.

As most would know all the little things take time. With the longer gear box, the hand brake button sits right behind the get stick. I should be able to set it up on an angle but this means changing the centre console.

I think most Stanzas are the same with rust in the boot lid/hatch. It has something to do with the glue they used to stick the skin to the frame. It eats through and you end up with rust wherever the glue was used. I have sent the hatch off to the panel shop and it has been rebuilt.

The next major part is the exhaust system. I want to run the dual output dump and will do it in mild steel and have it HPC coated. There is room for the cat and 2 mufflers up front but no room at the back as only 6 inches wide between the fuel tank and the side of the car.

Rear end is a 28 spline LSD with a 3.9 ratio. I have bilstein shocks and king springs. I will get some extra welding done on the mounting points for the rear links. I have also been looking at some adjustable arms as have been told it could be good to angle the front of the diff down a little bit.

I have the XW GT tear drop side mirrors and need to make up a mounting block to get the right angle on the door.

Hopefully once the seats and exhaust are fitted, I can drive it around home slowly and if all feels good, pull it all down and get it to the panel shop.

Will keep updates coming.



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Hi again,

Have had a busy few weeks stripping the shell completely. Dropped it in to the sand blaster last week end. Hopefully only a couple of weeks then off to the panel shop. Plenty of parts in the shed that will now get cleaned and painted for when the shell gets back. I also talked to the tuner and am looking at a set of cams, rocker stoppers and new valve springs. The motor is getting a freshen up while it is out. I think I will need a few months just to tidy all the bits up. Also talked to upholsterer and will have to look at some other cars to see what would be a good colour for the hood lining etc The seats and doors will be black and I am thinking of a light colour. I will try and load up a few more pictures once the body has been stripped. Cheers Eric

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awesome !! im a little shattered i passed up buying a 2 door stanza when i was running around in mine as standard..

cant wait to see more pic's and vid's

love to see the interior choice's hey !!!

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We don't get too many of the Coupes up this way. I actually found an add for Coupe parts a few weeks back but when I got there there was not much left. The roof was totally rusted away and the rest of the car wasn't much better. Spoke to another person on Friday night and he had just completed trimming his car in a material like leather. Looked very nice and he said it would last longer as it was marine grade. I am keen to get some of the parts painted. The extractors and dump will have a high performance coating and the rest of the system is stainless so will be polished. Just cleaning the calipers at the moment and will give them the VHT red treatment. Will try and add some pictures when I get them uploaded. Cheers Eric

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Can't wait to see the build Eric, Love your cars mate, cheers Shawn,

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Hi Shawn, I am getting more excited now that things are happening. I am not sure whether it will make it to Philip Island for easter but if not the Datto will be heading down. Dropped into the sand blaster on Monday night and he is hoping to have it to panel shop tomorrow. So many things to do but hopefully a few days off at Christmas will help a lot. I will grab a couple of pictures once it is in undercoat. The panel shop has had the hatch for a long time so it is already prepared. I scored a new bonnet and drivers guard when I bought a donor car for the air conditioning. Hopefully catch up with you at easter ? There are a few of the queensland boys keen to head down and I am trying to get an extra couple of days each side to meet some of the old crew from previous nationals.

CA Stanza, the dash cluster is out of an S14 which is very similar to the Silvia I think.

Cheers Eric

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Looking back on dates of postings, I can't beleive how the time has flown.

The car is back from the panel shop and now the fun of putting it back together has begun.


I have had some fun with the rear bumper not lining up so had to modify the brackets.


I have done some of the front but will be into the wiring next.

Engine Bay and tunnel came up really well.


I will be using plnty of polish to keep this clean.



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Bloody amazing work there Ecca, perfect colour choice too. Congrats mate

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Thats unreal Eric, Dam thats a nice paint job, Love this car, Its getting better and better,

good luck with the rest of the build,

cheers Shawn

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Hi People,

I have been getting a few more things done but so many social events with Christmas, so not much time on week ends.

Hopefully will be able to spend a fair bit of time over the christmas break.

I have a good mate who has been in the exhaust game for many years.

He did the system for the SX and has done a great job on the dump.

This will have competition coating once I have cleanded up any rough spots in the inside.


The rest of the system is stainless 3 inch mandrel.

Had some fun holding it up to buffer.

Used hydrofluoric acid to clean the welds and polished up nicely.


I was lucky to get the original Violet grille when I bought the car.

It has been 2 packed and cleared. I have colour coordinated the centre badge to match the car.


I nearly have all the stainless for the passenger side complete. Just trying to sort out some good rubbers is difficult as not available in Aus and hard to track down.

I am trying to make the best of what I have.

Installed the dynamat on the passenger side over the week end.

Just need to add the fuel line brackets underneath the drivers side as these will come through the floor and then I can finish the dynamat.

Not going to have things re cad this time and have cleaned up and either polished, painted silver ot painted black.

I made this cold air intake to feed through the radiator support into an air box behind the passenger headlight.

You only see a small section at the bottom as the rest is covered by the front bumper.


More pictures to come next year



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