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Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

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Thanks for the input gents, but we (the sdc committee) have to consider other venues (if at all) to accomodate the current progress of our club, and have been happy with the current location. It has been a step forward. With our own room to host a meeting, instead of a gathering around pokies & TV's & locality to current attending members are what we (as a committee) are looking into. Raise the topic & the next meeting if you are so concerned about the meetings @ the prospect. The venue has served us well.

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why should the committee decide where we meet , without members there is no club , its obvious attendance is way down from cabra .. So how about let the paying members vote on where we meet .. We the members were told the move to prospect was a TEMPORARY soloution . The golf club is free again , get our attendance back up and get the club moving forward. .

there are no pokies around where we sit at cabra anymore and its not hard to turn the tvs off .. This discussion has been brought up at the meetings but was brushed asside and whats the point of bringing it up at the meeting when only 15 members turn up ... I suggest we the members get the opportunity to vote through a mail out therefore all members could have there say instead of the 15 that turn up ... I challenge the committee to reveal the attendance between the 2 venues as this will show what everyone already knows ... Membership attendance is down at prospect

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i think the committee need to hav a committee meeting on the subject very soon, I belive us (the committe ) r there as a vioce of the members & should listern to members thoughts / concerns and decied basted on that not what we think ourselves i think a members vote would b the best idea but we need to advise all members either throu the newsletter emails etc so they can hav a chance to hav their say & b there if they wish to vote. It dose need to b looked into & members advised on what the findings we as the committie find gathered from members say etc.

Please everyone bring your concerns up at a meeting or email a committee member !! we dont know your thoughts if u dont it is your club (members) plz raise your issues so we can do our best to solve what we can!

On that note as i seem to b getting no reply from committiee can you also check your committiee emails & reply now & then so we as the committiee can keep up to date with some issues etc!!!

My promise to you members was i would b your vioce but i cant unless you all let us (committee) what your thoughts on any subject is i thank those members who hav given some sugestions ie our last run was a great sucess thanks to members sugestions & thoughts keep them comming guys & girls :)

Cheers Kay

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:woot: here we go again we should be back at cabra by now just refering presidents coment about commitie members are all in agreance with the current location taking into account the members wishes as well there is no reason why we cat go back to cabra parking is good food is good drinks are cheaper and if theres going to a debate about this then it should be at the home of our club cabra golf club so lets make the next meeting at the club wat do say!!!!! :verymad:

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This is what i have been talking about from the committee side....

From: sdccommitte On Behalf Of chuck

Sent: Wednesday, 4 July 2012 1:55 PM

To: sdccommittee

Subject: Re: [sdc-committee] Cabramatta

This whole topic is a lose lose situation…

We are always going to find a split of ppl who want it here or there or what ever.

It does not matter if the club has to change some details if the meets are not at the golf club. Life goes on.

I think maybe we need to look at attendance records of meetings over the last 2 years - factor that in and then have a public vote for general members.

Committee only for vote count and then a committee decision made.

Its going to get messy, ( some ppl are going to have a cry)

The final decision should be made for the members not based upon the committee member that has been in the club the longest or who has a higher rank in the club.

I think there are more important things in this/our club to fix like just being able to prioritize a sub-committee meeting once every month or 2.




So if we arrange a meeting and a vote how many ppl are going to turn up?

Is it going to be the case of all the ppl that want cabra back and dont attend meetings regulary turn up on vote night only?

Or is it going to be the other way around?

If the monthly meeting night is a cold winter night, are we going to get as many members as if its a warm summer night?

Winter numbers are allways down- im keen for a vote- im happy at either club ( or another ).

This is about giong the right way about it.

So what next you say.... Well- do we give a months notice or how about 2 months to say we are going to have a vote?

What is fair??

Who will winge first??????

Who will get what they want and do something or nothing with it??

So many tough questions.... ( all for the love of Datsuns )

I will drive to either club because Datsuns will allways be a part of my life-

What will you do??


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Why cant you alternate each month and use both venues.if that is possible then it might keep everyone happy.

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Just to offer my 2c to the can of worms, bearing in mind that I dont care where we meet. It seems at the moment we have 3 options being

  • Cabramatta
  • Prospect
  • Alternate between the 2

Can we not have a vote as has been suggested, but include an SMS/email voting option as well to accomodate those who cant always make the monthly meetings. That way those that want a say can regardless of whether it is a cold winters night. Each vote should have a name/member number so everyone only votes once regardless of the way they vote.

We have an oportunity to inform members before the July meeting, then discuss/vote at the July meeting and continue counting votes untill the week before the August meeting, then have a result for the August meeting so we can start talking Datsuns again.

Just my thoughts.....

Edited by markus

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With a 100 members, Lets do a vote,

either way i'm happy with any venue we can meet at,

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I agree guys lets put it to a vote with the 3 options & it is a good idea to put maybe email votes to the committiee as well .

If the people either turn up just to vote because they want cabb back that should b fine as IF they r still members they hav a right to a vote like anyone who atends still now! that gose both ways.

I think the both venues is a good idea as i brought up b4 like other clubs do as well , it makes it a little fairer on all members given those who like both places for whatever reasons (ie distance , prices etc) a chance to enjoy the meetings and attend at least a few.

We do need a committtee meeting guys its been slack not having one this yr yet!!

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I am up for a vote, just say how and when and I'm there!

Just one comment - should internal car club committee related matters really be raised on this public forum like this???

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this was the only way to get this committe to respond i hav sent 6 emails over a 6week period with no responce and nothing done about the issue they cant say they were too busy as they post on here and other places but havnt got 5mins to respond or adress this issue via committe emails it was the only way to get them to notice and the issue is still not resolved or spoken about.

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Just to clarify to the greater Datsun community on the inner workings of the SDC committee, we are looking into meeting venue options.

A decision won't be made without extensive member consultation.

As you all can appreciate, this will take time. Whether it happens in the next month or three, it really makes little difference.

Obviously, by the amount of debate, the ultimate decision may not please everyone.

If anyone has an awesome solution, we are still open to other offers. Please send details to committee@sydneydatsunclub.com

Also, the SDC committee are volunteers. Some with busy work and private lives also.

Finding time for committee meetings to suit everyone's schedules is also a challenge.

None the less, there are many events between now and the end of the year. Lets just get the Datsuns out and enjoy them in the company of like-minded people.

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