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Cheers, thanks to whom moved my post into appropriate area, hahaha typical noob I am. btw im from South penrith, spotted a silver 1600 and smick black 1200 ute, also a yellow SSS Stanza. So if these are any of your cars guys, say hi!

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G'day guys!

Its been a long time coming, but I have FIANLLY got myself back into a Datsun!

My wife, daughter and I just bought ourselves a 1977 120Y GL, which is going to be restored to what we hope to be a nice weekend cruiser. Will post up more details of that in My Rides.

I love my Datsuns, always have, even from a kid, im not a fanatic, I couldnt tell ya part numbers for firewall grommets, or what type of flux capacitor will work better, but I'm a big fan of these awesome pieces of automotive art.

I've owned 4 other Datto's prior to this:

120Y Coupe

200B SSS

1200 Sedan

120Y Wagon

Regretfully sold them on, for what ever stupid reasons I had at the time :confused:

I look forward to gettng involved with you guys on the forum, this is my first Resto, so be prepared for ALOT of questions (alot of them stupid, no doubt) and alot of pics!

Cheers n Beers

Craig (DATZ) :thumbsup:

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Hi guys thought id drop in and say hi :thumbsup:

My names Andy and I live on the GoldCoast Australia, I have a 1200 ute as a project.



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Hi Guys,

just thought i would come and say Hi,

My Name is Adrian, I live In Melbourne.

I have had a few cars over the last few years, and luckily still have most of them.

Datsun 200B Sedan.5Spd (Poo Metabolic Brown)

Datsun 240k Coupe 4Spd(Several Shades of Red and Orange)

Datsun 240k Coupe Auto (White)

Aussie R31 Skyline SVD GTS (The White ones)

HR31 Coupe 5Spd (Black Over Silver) Sold :(

N13 SSS 5spd,(Silver)

I am currently working on My White 240k to get it ready for a event this year, it was ment to be the Skyline Nationals in September but Because i am apart of the organising club committee and Moved into my own place this year, i have had to keep putting it off!

Hope to have it out for the Geelong Revival.

Yeah so thats heaps about me really, Hope to see some of you at some events soon!

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