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Definitely not auto-related discussion, my house reverse cycle split system a/c has stopped working.

Indoor unit flashes an error code that means "No power to outdoor unit", fan in indoor unit blows but no heating orcooling happens. Outdoor unit does have 240V from the meter box to a terminal block.

Wire coming down from the indoor unit to the outside unit seems to have a varying voltage on it (varies randomly between 7 and 40-ish volts).

Whe I turn the a/c on, about 5 seconds later the house lights dim a little for a second or two, then come good again. Nothing seems to happen on the outdoor unit (fan / compressor don't do a thing).

Any ideas (apart from buy a new a/c) ?

Its a 10-ish year old Mitsubishi MSH-30SV.

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Ceased compressor or faulty capacitor.

Replace the cap and fingers crossed that's all it is.

Call me if you'd like Dave.

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